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Intuition: Is the price too high?

Intuition: Is the price too high?

I’ve had a lot of people give me the message that using their intuition costs them too much and they are unwilling to pay the price. While their actual words may have varied over the years, the message has been the same:

  • When I use it, I upset people [I would rather they upset me. I don’t want to upset anyone]
  • I don’t trust it but I trust my brain so I weigh everything up in my head first before making a decision [even though I’m experiencing anxiety every day, constantly feel like I’m in the wrong place and it eventually blows up in my face when I don’t trust it]
  • I think it might be my fear talking [so I ignore it)
  • It’s telling me I have to do something else but I don’t know how to so… [I’m going to keep doing what I’ve always done]
  • I “know” I need to leave/change but before I do that I think I have to do X first [finds reasons to not to listen to themselves]
  • I want X but maybe some people never get what they want because… [if I did what I want I would have to change my life/upset someone/stop doing destructive behaviours]
  • I’ve had this idea to do something but I don’t think I’m good enough so… [I’m going back to doing what I’ve always done and not chase my dream]
  • I feel like something isn’t right with him but everyone else thinks he’s great so… [gets screwed over by a colleague at work]
  • I “know” he’s not right for me but I’m going to make it work because security/don’t want to be alone/kids [ends up in unhappy and destructive relationship]
  • My parents/colleagues/friends think that’s all just “woo woo” [and I don’t want to stand out because I don’t want to be rejected…but I’m probably never going to be happy either]
  • I feel like doing this thing is right for me but X thinks something else and they are a lot more sensible than me so… [continues to believe that their own knowing can’t be trusted and isn’t as valuable as someone else’s opinion”.

Have you found yourself thinking or saying these words over the years? You are not alone because a lot of people do the same. But, just like you, they’re not 100 percent happy with where they’re at in life because they’re not trusting themselves and listening to their intuition. Because the true “cost” of listening to your intuition is letting go of what your mind and sometimes other people think should happen and instead trusting that your life is going to be far more expansive and yes, unpredictable that you could ever imagine.

Yes, you will probably have to change things and make decisions that may upset the status quo occasionally. Yes, you will have to learn how to trust yourself implicitly and be prepared to take risks. And yes, you will have to sacrifice the uncomfortably comfortable life you may have built for yourself where your mind feels like it can relax because it has a pretty good idea about what comes next (even if your heart feels unfulfilled/miserable).

So yes, there will be a price to pay if you start tuning in, listening to and then taking action when your intuition calls you forward.

But I believe the price will be much higher if you don’t use it. Don’t you?

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Is it your year to take flight?

Since late last year I have thought of 2014 as ‘flight year’. I can’t tell you why exactly, but I’ve just felt this is the year so many of us will ‘take-off’ in our lives.

If 2013 was a year to purge ourselves of the old, 2014 is the year to let go of the last vestiges of our old luggage and take to the skies. It is our year to fly.

In the last few days it’s become even more clear to me that the Flight Year is indeed happening for many people I know. Their lives are taking unexpected turns and whereas previously they might have known exactly where they were going, this time the future is in many ways the great unknown.

They have not been passive participants in creating these changes in their lives. Instead they have decided to take a chance and trust themselves. This in itself has brought magical changes and opportunities for them.

One dear friend has recently, finally, begun to value herself and her business rather that relying so much on the approval of others. She’s seen opportunities and instead of saying, ‘I can’t do that’ she decided to say ‘Yes, I’m going to give it a shot.’ The financial and career opportunities are now pouring in and taking her in new and exciting directions she never dreamed were possible.

Another friend is leaving the city to return home, save money and then head overseas for as yet unplanned adventures. She’s always wanted to work overseas but was never quite sure how to make it happen. Then a change in her workplace made her realise she could do it. Now was the time. She decided to move back home and suddenly lucrative work opportunities in her home town were knocking on her door. She asked for what she wanted and has definitely received the financial assistance she needs. Next year she will be on a plane to Europe and her adventure will really begin.

The key to my friends beginning their Flight Year was a clear decision to take a chance and be open to change and opportunity. Once they did this, the Universe did the rest. An equally conscious decision to believe in themselves and let go of behaviour that wasn’t serving them anymore, also helped.

I have other friends who are about to begin their Flight Year. They are teetering on the edge of their old life, peering into the distance and trying to see what’s up ahead. And that is what’s holding them back. They must each make a conscious decision to leave behind the old before they can fully step into the new. They must decide to finish that project, relationship, job or business and walk away without having a clear or exact vision of what lays ahead. They must choose to take a chance on themselves and step into the unknown.

Once this happens the Universe will step in to assist (as it always does) and their next real adventure will begin. They may find themselves arriving at unexpected destinations they would never have planned. But it is through that journey they will still, most definitely, end up precisely where they are supposed to be.

So if you find yourself hesitating, remember that to realise your potential you must first trust in yourself. And secondly, you must trust that the Universe is looking after you and will help you to see the way ahead. You must also be prepared to let go of those parts of your life that are no longer right for you. Only after all this, can you begin your Flight Year.





Are you shouting at the moon?

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Someone once suggested that, when I’m feeling frustrated and lost, I tend to shout and rail at the moon.

I have to confess they were 100 percent right.

When I feel like I’ve given everything in a situation and it still doesn’t work out, I have been known to shout at the moon and ask, “Why?! What else do you want from me? What else do I have to do to make this work?”

Sometimes life is like that. We feel like we’ve tried our hardest and given it our best shot. But all we end up with is disappointment and discontent.

Of course, shouting at the moon doesn’t change anything. And it only makes you feel better for a short period of time. So I’ve been trying to train myself out of the habit and I think I’m getting better.

A good friend gave me some really great advice on how to take a more constructive approach. “Step back,” she said. “Step back and try to see the bigger picture. Maybe there’s something you’re missing or you need to take a completely different approach?”

It sounds so bloody obvious, doesn’t it?

I implemented her advice the other day and, surprise, surprise, it worked. Suddenly I realised there were other things I could do and other directions I could follow that would help me get where I wanted to go.

It was a revelation.

I haven’t fully resolved the situation yet, but I’m definitely on the right track now.

Gaining perspective when you’re in a situation you don’t like can be really difficult. But my friend was so right.

Sometimes you just need to step back and look at things differently. Don’t just look into the problem. Look around it, above it and below it. Turn it on it’s head if you have to.

After all, if your current approach isn’t working…you probably need to do something differently.

Is it time to hand up your problems to the Universe to solve?

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I have a good friend who often says, “When it gets too much and I don’t know what to do, I just hand it up and let the Universe take care of it.”

Man, I have such wise friends.

Sometimes we spend so much time worrying and thinking about what we should do, think or achieve that we completely lose sight of life and the path we should be treading. And we make things so much more stressful and complicated than they need to be.

Example number one: Me. A while ago I had worked myself up into quite a state about something. I didn’t know what to do and was worrying myself silly.

“What should I do? What should I do?” I kept asking myself as I paced around the house.

The more I paced, the more stressed out I became (did I mention I’m a bit of an over-thinker?) and it wasn’t getting me anywhere.

After 10-15 minutes of this craziness I stopped, looked up and simply said, “Tell me what to do.” In that moment I just handed it up to the Universe because I realised my current approach was getting me absolutely nowhere.

I let all the worry go while I waited for an answer. I stopped trying to figure it all out on my own. The answer wasn’t in me. I needed to make room to allow it to arrive.

So I handed it up.

A few minutes later, the solution to my problem popped into my head. Suddenly I knew exactly what to do and it was so simple. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it months ago.

I’m constantly surprised at how much simpler things are when I just let go and trust that the way will be made clear. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a slow learner in that department.

Anyway, I implemented the solution and things were soon back on track again. And I feel much calmer and happier.

It was just another reminder that sometimes I need to get out of my own way. Sometimes we just need to let go, hand it all up to the Universe and wait for the answers to arrive.







Are you more psychically connected than you think?

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A couple of weeks ago I was getting some feedback about my book (yes, the book I’m still editing) and was told perhaps I should rethink one of the chapters.

The chapter deals with clairvoyants and horoscopes and how single women will often rely heavily on these avenues when searching for love.

I was told that most people don’t believe in that stuff and might think I’m a bit, ‘you know’ if I included it.

Then I mentioned I’m psychic and believe in that ‘stuff’. The conversation quickly shifted to other topics.

The thing I found so interesting about the exchange was its black and whiteness. People have believed in God, an entity we cannot see and have not met, for hundreds of years. But to suggest that we can access our intuition about situations, connect with the energies that bind us all together and speak to the spirits of those who have passed over still makes some people uncomfortable.


In Western culture, we have always talked about instinct and gut feelings – a knowingness that has no foundation in what we see or any relation to the ‘facts’ we are presented with. Yet still we will know something isn’t right. Isn’t that a connection to information we don’t technically have?

What about those moments when, while sitting in quiet contemplation or engaged in a mindless activity, you are suddenly struck by a brilliant idea or  concept? How can you you explain those times just before sleep, when you close our eyes and suddenly know the solution to a problem that’s been bothering you for days or weeks?

In these moments our minds are not consciously active. They are not scurrying around being productive and engaged in the serious pursuit of answers and information. Yet these are the times when the answers come. Some form of inner knowing kicks in to help and takes over where our mind leaves off.

Being open to my intuition and ability to connect to the world around me has made it easier for me to trust my own decisions (and make good decisions) even when they haven’t been based on what my mind regards as ‘facts’.

Many of the greatest minds in our history have also said they ‘trusted their gut instincts’ when making decisions. Some of the great business strategists of the 21st century have said the same thing.

And there have been numerous times when I’ve corrected a student’s work and they’ve said, ‘Oh, that’s what I did the first time but then I changed it.’ Did their mind just over-ride their instinct?

Being psychic just means that my intuition and instincts are a little more developed than others. But I’m not ‘you know…crazy’ and I’m not the only psychic person out there. I meet them every day. It also feels like people in the public eye are talking about this stuff more and more. Some of the most creative thinkers of our time are talking about ideas coming through them or inspiration coming from another place. They are not passive in the process but they are open to receiving information from a place that is not their mind.

I feel like there is a shift happening that’s allowing us to access opportunities, discoveries and solutions that our rational thoughts have previously blocked or discarded. This can only be a good thing for our development as a human race and as a community. Imagine the possibilities.

In the meantime, I’d like to suggest that maybe, just maybe, there a lot of people in the world who are more ‘psychically intuitive’ than they think….they’re just calling it gut instinct.

But I just want to get there!

I’ve been procrastinating on a project over the past few days. I’ve been doing a bit here and there, then redoing it, yet never getting it quite right.

When I mentioned it to a friend yesterday she said, “You’ve been messing around with that for ages.”

“Your trouble is, you know what the end result will be but you just don’t want to do the process to get there.”

I’m laughing to myself as I recall her comments. She absolutely had me pegged.

I rarely want to do the process. I just want to know what the end game is and get there as quickly as possible.

“What about the journey?” you might ask.

“Journey, smurney,” I say.

Like many people, I don’t want to do the journey because sometimes it’s difficult. I’ll have to go through stuff that sometimes I’d rather not go through.

I’ll have to learn lessons that I don’t necessarily want to learn or  will make me uncomfortable.

I just want to get there. I’m impatient.

It’s even worse when you’re spiritually aware because the universe makes you learn your lessons. After all, we’re here to evolve and grow spiritually and you can’t do that if you go through life without challenges.

Being human often means we have to learn things the hard way to actually retain the message at all. Frequently we think we know best while the universe has a whole other plan…and that’s when we resist our path and cause ourselves a whole lot of trouble.

It can be frustrating.

After a few more hours, I finally finished my project and I was really happy with the result.

I’d like to tell you that in the future I will not resist the process and I will embrace the journey.

I will do my best. But I have a feeling it’s one of my lessons to learn in this lifetime and there will be a few more challenges ahead.