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Hello and Welcome to Lucretia’s Words

Welcome to my website. I’m an author, psychic and intuitive mentor. The services I offer on this website are designed to help you live, share and uncover your story.

I love working with people who are passionate, creative and want to share their stories with the world. Are you someone who wants to make the world a better place, approach things differently, create a different life and help others? If so, we’ll probably get along.

Some of my greatest loves are books, chocolate and of course, Italy. Italy is the place I feel most at home so you’ll often find me there, wandering the cobbled streets, gaping in awe at magnificent sculptures or joyfully consuming gelato.

I believe we all have a unique purpose and are here to live as the fullest expression of who we are. If you’re not living in alignment with your Soul then ultimately you’re going to feel unfulfilled. I also believe you can’t live your Purpose if you don’t share your story.


I’ve been a professional writer for more than 20 years in the not-for-profit, government, small and medium enterprise, tertiary education and membership sectors. My career has included roles in communications, engagement, marketing, online strategy, and media and event management. I’ve also lectured and tutored undergraduate students at Queensland University of Technology in subjects ranging from public relations techniques through to public relations planning.


The Men I’ve Almost Dated is my first book and chronicles my misadventures as a 30-something single woman without a roadmap. From painful separation and divorce through to questionable decision making, lackluster sexual adventures and downright bizarre male behaviour, my memoir is equal parts heartbreaking, hilarious and incredibly honest.

Described as Bridget Jones’s Diary meets Sex and the City with a dash of Eat, Pray, Love, my story will have you cringing, laughing aloud and shaking your head with disbelief from start to finish. It’s available through online booksellers in print and digital format. Buy the book>

My Psychic Gifts

I’m a psychic channel. That means I see, feel and sometimes even smell what many people might describe as weird freaky things. These ‘things’ can include people who’ve passed over and the energies of other people, animals, the earth and the Universe. Sometimes I just know stuff about people because the Universe has chosen to deliver that information to me. I’m not a mind reader. But if you’re upset I might know about it before you tell me. That’s just how I roll. But if you think I’m some middle-aged, vegan, Thai-dye wearing, sandal-clad hippie you’d be wrong. Middle-aged is fifty as far as I’m concerned. So I’m not there yet. Yes, I did proudly own a pink Thai-dye shirt in the eighties but I wouldn’t be seen dead in one now. I’ve also spent most of my adult life dressed in suits working in the corporate world. And flat shoes aren’t my thing; I’m a stiletto kind of girl.

Intuitive Mentoring

I use my intuition every day and in every part of my life. I also help others uncover and begin to use their intuition through my mentoring programs. Everyone has intuition and it can help you live a more balanced and fulfilling life. I always feel so humbled to help people in this way and to be part of their journey towards greater self-awareness and connection to their inner knowing. This journey helps us to live a more authentic and joyful life that is alignment with our personal story and who we truly are. I look forward to working with you and reading your thoughts on my blog, Facebook or Instagram. Until then, always remember, you were born to live a unique and extraordinary life.

Lucretia x

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