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Do you have visions and premonitions?

Do you have visions and premonitions?

I had a vision during savasana at the end of my yoga session yesterday. At some point, my mind drifted away from my teacher’s words and I found myself somewhere else entirely.

I heard the screech of plane tires hitting the tarmac and saw a plane taxiing along a runway. I saw inside the plane and heard the pilot say, “Welcome to Fiumicino Airport, it’s a beautiful sunny day outside. Then I saw myself, getting ready to deplane with a look on my smiling face that said, “Here we go.” This was followed by a moving image of me walking through the airport with a single, large suitcase.

I shared this vision with my teacher afterwards and found myself crying. Just by holding the space to allow me to drop into the moment so deeply, she had given me a beautiful gift – a vision of what is yet to come.

It’s the second time I’ve had a vision at the end of a yoga class. A few years ago, an image of a ticket was shown to me with a specific date on it. I hadn’t asked for any insights regarding tickets. I was just enjoying a yoga class. In my mind, I was already planning to head to Italy mid-year. But the date on the ticket was a few months later. I convinced myself that it wasn’t a plane ticket. Maybe it was for some other trip? Perhaps I would stay longer in the country than I’d planned and it was the date for a train trip. After all, there was no way it would be that long until I got on a plane and got out of town.

The Universe had other plans.

My intended departure date kept being pushed back. Work and other commitments kept putting blocks in the way, again and again. Months passed and my frustration grew. Finally, when I could see a way out, I asked a friend who specialises in travel to find the best value ticket for my departure. I specified the time I wanted to land and the week but not the date.

Guess what date she came with?

I remember shaking my head and rolling my eyes. The Universe can be terribly annoying and irksome when she is right.

Fast forward to early last year and this time the date came to me in a different way. I was planning to travel to Italy again but I couldn’t feel into the best time to go. I just knew I was going and waited for more information to present itself.

A while later, I had a night disrupted by spirits and my guides discussing things in my house. Doors were opened and shut, and I caught random words and phrases as I traveled in and out of consciousness. They seemed to be organising things (who knows what) but all I felt was irritated. I repeatedly asked them to take their discussions elsewhere because I wanted to sleep without interruption. They paid me no mind and kept at it.

As I woke in the morning, a date was clearly in my mind. It didn’t mean anything to me though and there was no accompanying image of a ticket or any other information. Perhaps I needed to know the date for some other reason?

I Googled, researched and asked friends if the date had any significance. But I came up with nothing. Eventually I accepted what probably should have been obvious from the start – I booked my plane ticket for that day and the people I subsequently met and the experiences I had on that trip have set me up for my eventual relocation to Italy (post-Covid-19 crazy).

I don’t have a departure date for my next trip but after my vision yesterday, I know the Universe will let me know when the time is right. I have trust in that. It’s hard not knowing but, the Universe tells us what we need to know, when we need to know it. That’s how it works.

This is how I function in the world – I have one foot here and one in the ether. It’s a balancing act that has sometimes been difficult to maintain.

Early in my psychic awakening process, I was so ungrounded and my connection so strong, that sometimes it felt like I was being pulled out of my body. That’s what happens when you have a powerful gift that’s unmanaged and it’s one of the reasons I do my mentoring work now. I understand how it feels to be ungrounded and strongly connected, and I know there are ways to manage things better. So I teach others what I’ve learned along the way.

Receiving insights and premonitions during yoga classes and during the night are just two  ways the Universe sends me information. It’s all part of the weird, freaky world of being a psychic channel.

Welcome to my slightly crazy and definitely unusual metaphysical party!

If you’d like to learn ways to harness your intuitive gifts and live your purpose, please book in for a free chat. I can tune in and help you map out a way forward that is right for you. Or check out my courses and sessions on my website.

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Where is your integrity line?

Where is your integrity line?

I’ve been thinking about integrity – the line we each have within us that we don’t want to cross. It’s a line that marks who we are; our honourability in a world that often feels increasingly dishonourable.

There will be times for all of us when we will be tempted to breach our line of integrity. Some of us will do so – we will cross the line, feel the discord within ourselves and quickly reverse our path. Others will cross the line and keep going because they feel it is too difficult to turn back.

It is your ability to understand where your integrity line is, and adhere to it, that is a sign of your courage and fortitude. Sticking to this line is difficult in a world where you’re told you must conform, you must keep the peace and you must keep other people happy.

When you cross your integrity line to appease others, you are compromising yourself and often the well-being of others. We only have to scan the global horizon right now to see how a lack of integrity by some, is compromising the health of many and leading to the death of others. Terrible things happen while good people do nothing.

Integrity doesn’t mean taking the easy or most expedient path. It doesn’t mean acting from a place of fear or anger. It means having character, being honest about your own actions and motivations, and then acting in accordance with what you know in your gut is right.

Integrity. I can’t help but think we need more of it. What do you think?

Where do our fears come from?

Where do our fears come from?

Fear is the silent stalker that stifles creativity, achievement and our ability to rise up and take our rightful places as the change makers in our communities. It suffocates our enthusiasm, plays into the hands of our detractors and prevents us from serving at a much higher level.

Where does it come from this fear? Is it something we create inside ourselves as a self-protective mechanism born of our egoic mind? Or is it simply absorbed into our souls from external environments, the messages we’re exposed to and the people we learn from?

When you witness a young child climbing trees, swinging from a rope, running barefoot through the grass or simply spinning in circles in a field because it’s fun, there is no fear there. In fact, children in everyday normal life usually don’t feel fear at all. They trust. Fear is something they’re taught through the words and actions of others.

“Don’t do that, you might get hurt,” we warn them as they put their hand carelessly near the flames. And that message is fine. Our destruction by fire is something we should avoid so the lesson is eventually learned and it’s a useful one.

But what about the other fears we teach children and even teach each other. The messages parents tell their children like, “Don’t stand out too much, you need to fit in and make friends” and “Always try to get along with everyone” are fine on one level, they really are. But why is the truth that some people will never like you no matter what you do or say, so unpalatable. And do we really always need to try and get along with everyone? Because if we do that, then we’re always going to be conforming to what other people are comfortable with and this is unlikely to lead to our ultimate happiness. Right?

This is a fear of being who we are.

Our governments propagate our fear, insidiously. “Those people are a threat and shouldn’t be trusted,” we’re told about men, women and children who seek our protection from war and persecution.

Or, “They’re taking advantage of our system” we’re told of people who can’t get jobs and the majority of whom feel humiliated at seeking government assistance to pay their bills.

This is a fear of others taking what we have.

Then culturally we’re told, “The answer is out there!” It’s in technology so scroll through those electronic screens day and night and you will find the answers. Don’t stop and be quiet, alone with your thoughts. No! Fill your waking hours pulled inexorably into the world ‘out there’ and leave your own creative space behind. Soon enough you become uncomfortable with silence, with stillness and with nothingness. You must always be doing, watching someone or something else.

We become fearful of a life without distraction.

Eventually we don’t want to stand out too much, we want everyone to like us, we believe that strangers who don’t look like us and don’t believe what we do want to take something from us, and we can’t be still with our own thoughts.

What chance does our inner voice have then? Where is your intuition then? Where is the Universe’s opportunity to send you guidance then?

It’s squashed. It struggles. It slides to the edge of oblivion.

Fear, if permitted, takes over and leaves nothing in its wake but conformity and loss of consciousness.

How do we bring ourselves back from the brink?

We can begin by recognising that fear has become our driver in the first place and if it’s at the wheel of our car then we need to kick it out. Fear is never going to show us peace or happiness or fulfillment. It’s like a drunk driver – dangerous, with any vestiges of self-awareness drowned out by liquor.

Recognise it’s something we’re taught and absorbed. Then question it.

Acknowledge that we are all different and not all of us are going to ‘like’ or agree with each other – and that’s okay.

Know that in order to follow your calling you’re going to have to stand out and sometimes it will be uncomfortable. Some will try to pull you back into the status quo – resist the pull.

When we’re told that someone is a threat and seeking to take something from us, we need to come back into our hearts and ask is that really true. Or are we being fed a fallacy to manipulate and separate us from other human beings who are just in a tough or desperate situation that they don’t know how to escape from.

And finally we need to regain that balance between the external world and our internal one. We need to stop fearing the silence and instead, embrace it. We need to remember that our creativity and our ability to see opportunities and gain fulfillment begins first with our connection to ourselves and our inner voice. From there everything grows.

Are you ready to stop the fear and begin your real journey?

Lucretia Ackfield is an author, psychic channel and transformational teacher who seeks to empower women to create change and serve humanity. Her program, No I’m Not a Weird Hippie Chick, helping women to develop and manage their intuitive gifts so they can step into their Calling and live their Purpose. You can follow her on Instagram @noimnotaweirdhippiechick or join her Facebook group Rock Your Inner Channel for insights about being psychic and living in the mainstream world. 



Intellect vs Intuition: Cranky old men versus flighty females

Intellect vs Intuition: Cranky old men versus flighty females

For some people, the Intellect is like a cranky old man with bushy eyebrows who peers suspiciously out the corner of his eye at a light, seemingly ungrounded and irresponsible female called Intuition. Although it doesn’t have to be this way, I know some people believe the cranky old man is far more trustworthy than the flighty gadabout female working within a ‘space’ that is about things you cannot see and trusts in things that you instinctively know to be true when your mind would have you believe otherwise.

My own personal ‘battle’ (for want of a better word) between Intellect and Intuition has been running for a few years but currently there is a truce in place that is usually kept and tends to satisfy both parties.

The truth is, you don’t have to use one or the other to live your life. In fact, you will get the most effective results if you use Intellect and Intuition in partnership.

I know your mind may initially regard Intuition as unreliable and untrustworthy because sometimes she doesn’t make a lot of sense. After all, intuitive leads will sometimes fly in the face of common sense altogether. And certainly other ‘wiser people’ standing on the sidelines in your life may say your intuitive decisions are fundamentally flawed because they are not supported by facts or logic.

However, your Intellect will eventually become more comfortable when it witnesses the positive outcomes Intuition can help create. Intuition is where the seeds of all creative endeavours lie and it also assists with identifying opportunities and possibilities where the Intellect sees only obstacles. Many of today’s well-known entrepreneurs talk about following their ‘gut’ or using their intuition to help them be successful in their fields. The real key of course, is that these men and women use Intuition to identify the way ahead and then use their Intellect to ground their ideas with solid strategies and infrastructure. This is a key way to use Intellect successfully in partnership with Intuition.

Intuition can also help you make choices that lead to greater personal fulfillment rather than simply meeting the expectations of others or ‘following the crowd’. When we outgrow our current way of life, it is Intuition that will tap us incessantly on the shoulder until we wake up and make changes. Once again, while Intuition will lead the way, Intellect will follow close behind to help implement the changes needed to create a life that is fulfilling for you.

The truth is, Intellect and Intuition can form a dynamic duo if they can agree to get along and work together. But firstly, you will need to let go of your mind’s need to control and then encourage Intellect and Intuition to be friends not foes.

If you’d like to learn how to tune into and then use your Intuition to help you create a life that is fulfilling and in alignment with your Soul’s Divine Purpose, check out my Rock Your Inner Channel program

Psychic Growth Spurts and other Surprises

Psychic Growth Spurts and other Surprises

I spotted a learner driver while I was on my afternoon walk yesterday. He was in his parent’s car and had slowed down a little jerkily to negotiate a roundabout. There was a look of intense concentration on his face. He didn’t want to stuff up but he wasn’t sure what he was doing. He was a learner.

It struck me that when you first begin to recognise and use your energetic/psychic skills, you are very much like that learner driver. You can see the road up ahead that you wish to navigate, but you don’t always know where the right gear is and sometimes you stall in the middle of the road while the traffic banks up behind you. It’s uncomfortable and often a little nerve-wracking. You think, ‘Why don’t I know how to do this?’, ‘Everyone is looking at me, I’m drawing attention to myself’ and ‘I should be able to get this right because it looks so easy for everyone else.’ A range of other less positive thoughts can also complete a few loops of your brain at various times of the day and night.

The truth is, being energetically sensitive (or psychic) can be challenging because it doesn’t follow a textbook process in the way it develops. You might have very strong skills in particular areas from a young age. Or you might find that it kicks in without little warning when you’re 17, 35, 40 or 65-years-old (with only occasional insights before then). Then you’ll experience what I call ‘psychic growth spurts’ at odd times and suddenly find you have a new skills you weren’t aware of and need to learn how to manage.

My Spirit Guides used to tell me, ‘Just trust the process’ but sometimes it’s really hard to trust something that no one else is experiencing or knows about. I have fought that ‘trust’ on many an occasion – not that it does much good to fight who you are because you’re actually fighting yourself (and you can’t win that battle).

I know firsthand how uncomfortable the process can be. I have fought the battle of ‘control’ and lost. Control of anything except your behaviour in this moment, is an illusion. However, management is possible and highly advisable.

Your energetic/psychic skills are a gift to be managed. Your soul chose to have them in this lifetime and it is up to you to use them wisely to help yourself and others to create a better world in whatever way (big or small) feels right for you.

But just like that learner driver, you must learn how to manage your gifts or sometimes they will manage you. You must also learn that it is a process of learning that will last a lifetime. You are on a journey and every speed bump you drive over will take you to a better place. But sometimes it will be uncomfortable.

However, despite this, always remember that although your journey is unique, you are not alone. There are lots of other people who are having similar experiences as they negotiate their psychic roundabouts for the first time.

It’s a process. It’s a journey. And there are other people like you.

Do you need help to manage your energetic/psychic gifts? My six-session Intuition Connection program will provide you with the skills and techniques you need to help you understand and manage your gifts and live your purpose. 

What is intuitive mentoring?

What is intuitive mentoring?

‘What is intuitive mentoring?’ I’ve had this question (and a few others) numerous times so I thought I’d write a quick blog today and answer the top five questions about intuition and intuitive mentoring.

  1. What is intuitive mentoring?

Intuitive mentoring is a process designed to help you develop your self-awareness and connect more effectively into your intuition. It is about giving you the tools and techniques that will help you tune into the hints the Universe is sending you. This in turn helps you to trust yourself more and make better decisions in all facets of your life

  1. What is intuition?

Intuition is your inner knowing. You might also know it as your ‘gut feeling’, ‘instinct’ or (in Kath and Kim language) ‘feeling it in my waters’. It is essentially a feeling you get that you cannot explain through any rational thought process. For example, it’s the moment you interview a potential employee and think, ‘There’s something not right here’ although on paper and in every other way they seem perfectly fine. But a few months later, they leave with some of your best clients and you think, ‘Mmm, I should’ve listened to my gut feeling on that one.’

Or it’s when you have the opportunity to develop a new product with someone and the returns seem guaranteed, but something’s telling you it’s off so you decline. Then you find out two months later that the potential business partner has gone bankrupt due to some less than ideal business dealings. That was your intuition warning you to take care.

It can also apply in your personal life with that new man who seems perfect for you in every way but inside there’s this nagging feeling that something’s not quite right. Then you find money is starting to go missing from your purse and a friend shows you that your new partner is still on Tinder. Your intuition was warning you something was off.

  1. Does everyone have intuition?

Yes, we all have intuition but not all us of use it and some of us have developed it more strongly than others. It is something you are born with.

  1. How can I develop my intuition?

Developing your intuition requires you to grow you self-awareness and quiet your mind. This will enable you to tune into your intuition more easily. Your intuition often speaks with a quiet voice and this means you must be able to trust it (i.e. trust yourself) and ensure your brain is quiet enough so you can hear what your intuition is trying to tell you.

  1. How can my intuition help me?

People use their intuition in many ways to help with their business and personal lives. For example, in business it’s particularly useful in helping you to identify growth opportunities and new ways to approach old problems. In your personal life, it can help you to live more in alignment with what you really want to do and who you wish to be rather than being overly influenced by the agendas and beliefs of other people.

If you’d like more information about my intuitive mentoring, personal branding and life purpose programs, check out