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You can create change when you share your story

You can create change when you share your story

I met a young guy today – let’s call him Mickey* – who is going for what he believes in. He is establishing a business and believes he can make a difference to people’s lives through what he does. I believe he can make a difference too.

What was interesting is, as I thought about my appointment with him (which was for a personal issue of my own), I found myself picking up information about how he could promote and market his business more effectively. This is one of the ways my psychic channel often works – I seem to be good at picking up how people are blocking themselves from achieving their next level, and then I tune into the way forward and up. Sometimes this happens without any intention from me – being psychic means I’m a bit like a giant antennae and will sometimes just pick up stuff because that’s how I roll.

Although we have a mutual friend, I had never met Mickey before today. But I could feel his energy and passion for what he is creating long before I walked into his office. So when we met in person, I shared the insights I had felt with him.

As so often happens in these situations, he had been thinking about some of the things I mentioned but had been stopping himself from following through. He also shared that others had made some suggestions but yet, still, he had not moved forward.

This made me laugh because it is exactly how the Universe works when we are preventing ourselves from shifting.

The Universe will send us the same message over and over again, via conversations, books, movies, signs, random thoughts and other ways to try and get our attention. We humans are often slow learners and don’t like the unknown so I guess the Universe knows it has to ‘stay on message’ to get through our resistance.

Mickey and I talked a little about what was getting in the way and I gave him a few new marketing ideas to think about. I hope he actions them because he has a lot to give but people won’t hear about it unless he pushes that edge of his comfort zone just a little bit more.

When I was about to leave Mickey mentioned a topic he is passionate about. He has a slightly controversial perspective and when I noted this he said, he believed it and wanted to talk about it.

I said, “Go for it”.

I believe you should take your conviction and passion, stand on it and use it to lift you up so you can share your story with the world and create the change you want to see.

I look forward to seeing how Mickey’s business grows in the future. His willingness to back himself and speak his truth will help him to forge ahead and create the difference he wants to see in the world.

I hope if you’re reading this, you take a chance on sharing your story too.

Intuition: Is the price too high?

Intuition: Is the price too high?

I’ve had a lot of people give me the message that using their intuition costs them too much and they are unwilling to pay the price. While their actual words may have varied over the years, the message has been the same:

  • When I use it, I upset people [I would rather they upset me. I don’t want to upset anyone]
  • I don’t trust it but I trust my brain so I weigh everything up in my head first before making a decision [even though I’m experiencing anxiety every day, constantly feel like I’m in the wrong place and it eventually blows up in my face when I don’t trust it]
  • I think it might be my fear talking [so I ignore it)
  • It’s telling me I have to do something else but I don’t know how to so… [I’m going to keep doing what I’ve always done]
  • I “know” I need to leave/change but before I do that I think I have to do X first [finds reasons to not to listen to themselves]
  • I want X but maybe some people never get what they want because… [if I did what I want I would have to change my life/upset someone/stop doing destructive behaviours]
  • I’ve had this idea to do something but I don’t think I’m good enough so… [I’m going back to doing what I’ve always done and not chase my dream]
  • I feel like something isn’t right with him but everyone else thinks he’s great so… [gets screwed over by a colleague at work]
  • I “know” he’s not right for me but I’m going to make it work because security/don’t want to be alone/kids [ends up in unhappy and destructive relationship]
  • My parents/colleagues/friends think that’s all just “woo woo” [and I don’t want to stand out because I don’t want to be rejected…but I’m probably never going to be happy either]
  • I feel like doing this thing is right for me but X thinks something else and they are a lot more sensible than me so… [continues to believe that their own knowing can’t be trusted and isn’t as valuable as someone else’s opinion”.

Have you found yourself thinking or saying these words over the years? You are not alone because a lot of people do the same. But, just like you, they’re not 100 percent happy with where they’re at in life because they’re not trusting themselves and listening to their intuition. Because the true “cost” of listening to your intuition is letting go of what your mind and sometimes other people think should happen and instead trusting that your life is going to be far more expansive and yes, unpredictable that you could ever imagine.

Yes, you will probably have to change things and make decisions that may upset the status quo occasionally. Yes, you will have to learn how to trust yourself implicitly and be prepared to take risks. And yes, you will have to sacrifice the uncomfortably comfortable life you may have built for yourself where your mind feels like it can relax because it has a pretty good idea about what comes next (even if your heart feels unfulfilled/miserable).

So yes, there will be a price to pay if you start tuning in, listening to and then taking action when your intuition calls you forward.

But I believe the price will be much higher if you don’t use it. Don’t you?

If you’re ready to learn how to tune in confidently and begin taking positive action that moves you forward so you can live your Soul’s Mission (i.e. do those things you were born to do) then the doors for Nights for Spiritual Beginners are open for you. The next program starts in February and there is an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (finishes on 30 January) with your name on it.

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Five Reasons Why We Ignore Our Intuition (and why this approach doesn’t work in our favour)

Five Reasons Why We Ignore Our Intuition (and why this approach doesn’t work in our favour)

We all have intuition but some of us make a deliberate decision to ignore it. While this may seem very sensible and logical at the time, ultimately, it’s going to make you come unstuck, miss opportunities and not always act in your best interests.

Reason 1: We can’t hear it. Many of us schedule almost every minute of our day as try desperately to fit everything in – from picking up the kids to meeting that work deadline and responding to emails after hours. This busy-ness doesn’t allow any space for our intuitive voice to be heard (hint, it speaks really quietly). And when we do have downtime, we spend it aimlessly scrolling through social media platforms as we try to give our minds a break when really all we’re doing is making the overload worse. If you want to hear your intuitive voice, then you need to create the space for it to be heard.

Reason 2: We don’t believe it. We are constantly taught to seek the answers outside of ourselves (in Western culture particularly). This means we often have limited trust for anything we might feel intuitively to be true. If it can’t be reasoned through in a logical way or validated by someone else, we are unlikely to believe it. If we don’t trust ourselves then why would we listen to our inner voice?

Reason 3: Our minds reason us out of it. Our minds are powerful tools (when used carefully) but they can reason us into and out of almost anything. If your intuition tells you something your mind doesn’t want to be true or if it makes no logical sense, then your mind may step in and do its best to reason you out of it. Ideally you need your mind, heart and intuition to work in alignment – but that is a subject for another post.

Reason 4: It tells us something we don’t want to hear. Often our mind and/or heart becomes very attached to a particular outcome. Your heart will desire something so much that it can lead you to do almost anything, while your mind (with its addiction to logic) will want things to follow a nice linear path. When your intuition tells you something different, well, your heart and mind will do whatever they can to ignore what’s being said.

Reason 5: If we act on it then we will upset other people or the status quo. Your intuition doesn’t lie and is going to show you the truth, even when that doesn’t fit with what other people want you to believe. Sometimes your decision to listen to your intuition may upset others and that’s okay because if you don’t, you will be serving their highest good and not yours. Going along with something you know intuitively isn’t right, just to keep other people happy, isn’t a sustainable approach for a happy life.

Are you ready to start listening to your intuition so you can get on track, clear your obstacles and begin living your Soul’s Mission? If so, email me at so you can be part of my six-week intensive coaching program NIGHTS FOR SPIRITUAL BEGINNERS which begins on 5 December 2018. Please note, spaces are limited to ensure everyone receives the support they need. If you’re ready to move forward, create change and serve humanity, then I’d love to chat to you.

Is it time to create the life you really want?

Is it time to create the life you really want?

‘Maybe I’m just not meant to be happy.’

These words were uttered by a friend a few years ago. She felt like she was in a no-win situation and had to choose a path she didn’t want to choose in order to ‘do the right thing’. This ultimately meant keeping the people around her happy while she felt miserable.

Does this sound familiar? How many times have you done that in your life? How many times have you wanted something but realised it would cause waves with other people in your life so instead you stuffed it down inside you and hoped it would go away?

But it didn’t go away, did it? Nope, like a bad case of reflux it keeps coming back up; sticking in your throat, almost making you gag. But you’re determined aren’t you? You’re not going to let it win because if you let it out, you’re going to upset people. You’ll be knocking over the apple cart and everyone else’s apples will go rolling down the hill. You’ll be disruptive. They’ll tell you that you’re selfish. And you want to be a good person don’t you? You want that desperately. You want people to be happy. You want them to like you. You want to do the ‘right thing’.

But I have to tell you sweetheart that it’s not going to work. Because if that thing inside you keeps coming up, if it plagues your mind while you rush around doing everyone else’s bidding, then there’s a reason for it.

And the reason is that you deserve to follow your dreams. You deserve to create whatever is in you to create. And the Universe is not going to let you forget it.

But you have choice. Of course you have a choice. It’s your life.

You can choose to keep pushing down your desires because you’re scared of complicating your world or failing or upsetting people or standing out. You can choose this and know that when you reach the end of your life you will probably regret not taking a chance on yourself. You will regret not believing you could do it.

Or you can decide that you are worthy of living the best possible life you can live. You can decide that you have a right to honour all those unruly desires clamouring in your heart. You can decide that what you want is important enough to acknowledge and begin to create. If you make this choice, the choice that truly speaks to your heart, you can begin to slowly remove the shackles of the past. You can begin to untie all those heavy ropes that bind you to things and people that no longer serve you.

And then my gorgeous friend, you can begin moving towards the magical life that is possible for you; the life that is fulfilling and challenging and uniquely yours. You won’t create it immediately. Truly magnificent creations take time and nurturing. And this one, your creation, your life, must be fertilised with self-awareness, joy, triumph, disruption, failure, terrifying leaps into the unknown, unexpected discoveries and above all, your willingness to learn just how wonderful you are and what you are truly capable of. It will be a lifelong journey.

But I assure you, it will be worth it.

Or you can stay where you are. You can languish in the everyday ordinariness of a life you don’t really want.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Would you like some help to create the life you really want? My Intuition Connection Program or a Clarity Session might be just want you need to get you started.

Be the Note of Discord

DiscordBe the note of discord
That challenges what has been
There is no need to stay where you are
Even salmon swim upstream

Be the note of discord
You know it whispers within
It longs to tell all to those who listen
Can you hear it above the din

Be the note of discord
Do not care what it may cost
For you can no longer hold
Your tongue without your loss

Be the note of discord
Be what you want to be
Cast off the veneer of circumstance
And be all you can be.

Be the note of discord
You know that it is time
To show the world what you’re really made of
You’re not a silent mime

Be the note of discord
Enough really is enough
It cannot be accepted anymore
It’s time to call their bluff

Be the note of discord
For those who turn away
Cannot know that you hold the truth
You hold it all in sway.

Be the note of discord
It’s time for all your words
Of all that can be
Of the possibility

It’s time to break from the herd.