Channelled Directions Sessions

Whether it is for your business or personal life (or both!) this session will help you find your spark, cement your future vision and adjust to life in the new world.

Are you seeking the truth about who you are and why you’re here? 

There is only so much that can be found in the outer world when all the answers lie within. In a Channelled Directions Session we can uncover your destiny.

There are wonderful and surprising career and business opportunities if you know where to look. I can help you unlock this knowledge within you. 

Join me on a journey to discover your sacred truth.

In a Channelled Directions Session we will:

  • check in with how you’re feeling emotionally, energetically, physically and mentally
  • identify the obstacles and challenges you are facing
  • look at the beliefs that are shaping your life in negative ways
  • clear out the false stories that are keeping you stuck 
  • tune into the opportunities that are hidden in plain sight
  • map out a clear way forward with practical, real-world steps so you can get moving and get earning
  • a one-hour Channelled Directions Session will help you get clear on your direction so you can start moving towards your purpose and live in alignment with your truth today 

Duration: 1 hour

Investment: $295 AU

What People Say:

I was blown away by our session today.

Your incredible gifts of channelled wisdom and intuitive guidance, along with your down to earth nature and sense of humour are my antidote to uncertainty.

You help me navigate the map and encourage me on the road with easy action steps to take. 

I love that you keep it real. You ‘rattle my cage’ and lovingly strip away the stories I hid behind. You open up truths, whilst sometimes uncomfortable, crack me open – letting in more creativity, joy and possibility.

Through our sessions together you have taught me to embrace my own intuition, develop more self-trust and value my own gifts. I come away feeling grounded and centred, with a deep knowing that I’ve changed.  

You guide me to a bigger version of myself. Priceless.


What are you waiting for? Book in for your Channelled Directions Session today.