We all have intuition but some of us make a deliberate decision to ignore it. While this may seem very sensible and logical at the time, ultimately, it’s going to make you come unstuck, miss opportunities and not always act in your best interests.

Reason 1: We can’t hear it. Many of us schedule almost every minute of our day as try desperately to fit everything in – from picking up the kids to meeting that work deadline and responding to emails after hours. This busy-ness doesn’t allow any space for our intuitive voice to be heard (hint, it speaks really quietly). And when we do have downtime, we spend it aimlessly scrolling through social media platforms as we try to give our minds a break when really all we’re doing is making the overload worse. If you want to hear your intuitive voice, then you need to create the space for it to be heard.

Reason 2: We don’t believe it. We are constantly taught to seek the answers outside of ourselves (in Western culture particularly). This means we often have limited trust for anything we might feel intuitively to be true. If it can’t be reasoned through in a logical way or validated by someone else, we are unlikely to believe it. If we don’t trust ourselves then why would we listen to our inner voice?

Reason 3: Our minds reason us out of it. Our minds are powerful tools (when used carefully) but they can reason us into and out of almost anything. If your intuition tells you something your mind doesn’t want to be true or if it makes no logical sense, then your mind may step in and do its best to reason you out of it. Ideally you need your mind, heart and intuition to work in alignment – but that is a subject for another post.

Reason 4: It tells us something we don’t want to hear. Often our mind and/or heart becomes very attached to a particular outcome. Your heart will desire something so much that it can lead you to do almost anything, while your mind (with its addiction to logic) will want things to follow a nice linear path. When your intuition tells you something different, well, your heart and mind will do whatever they can to ignore what’s being said.

Reason 5: If we act on it then we will upset other people or the status quo. Your intuition doesn’t lie and is going to show you the truth, even when that doesn’t fit with what other people want you to believe. Sometimes your decision to listen to your intuition may upset others and that’s okay because if you don’t, you will be serving their highest good and not yours. Going along with something you know intuitively isn’t right, just to keep other people happy, isn’t a sustainable approach for a happy life.

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