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For some people, the Intellect is like a cranky old man with bushy eyebrows who peers suspiciously out the corner of his eye at a light, seemingly ungrounded and irresponsible female called Intuition. Although it doesn’t have to be this way, I know some people believe the cranky old man is far more trustworthy than the flighty gadabout female working within a ‘space’ that is about things you cannot see and trusts in things that you instinctively know to be true when your mind would have you believe otherwise.

My own personal ‘battle’ (for want of a better word) between Intellect and Intuition has been running for a few years but currently there is a truce in place that is usually kept and tends to satisfy both parties.

The truth is, you don’t have to use one or the other to live your life. In fact, you will get the most effective results if you use Intellect and Intuition in partnership.

I know your mind may initially regard Intuition as unreliable and untrustworthy because sometimes she doesn’t make a lot of sense. After all, intuitive leads will sometimes fly in the face of common sense altogether. And certainly other ‘wiser people’ standing on the sidelines in your life may say your intuitive decisions are fundamentally flawed because they are not supported by facts or logic.

However, your Intellect will eventually become more comfortable when it witnesses the positive outcomes Intuition can help create. Intuition is where the seeds of all creative endeavours lie and it also assists with identifying opportunities and possibilities where the Intellect sees only obstacles. Many of today’s well-known entrepreneurs talk about following their ‘gut’ or using their intuition to help them be successful in their fields. The real key of course, is that these men and women use Intuition to identify the way ahead and then use their Intellect to ground their ideas with solid strategies and infrastructure. This is a key way to use Intellect successfully in partnership with Intuition.

Intuition can also help you make choices that lead to greater personal fulfillment rather than simply meeting the expectations of others or ‘following the crowd’. When we outgrow our current way of life, it is Intuition that will tap us incessantly on the shoulder until we wake up and make changes. Once again, while Intuition will lead the way, Intellect will follow close behind to help implement the changes needed to create a life that is fulfilling for you.

The truth is, Intellect and Intuition can form a dynamic duo if they can agree to get along and work together. But firstly, you will need to let go of your mind’s need to control and then encourage Intellect and Intuition to be friends not foes.

If you’d like to learn how to tune into and then use your Intuition to help you create a life that is fulfilling and in alignment with your Soul’s Divine Purpose, check out my Rock Your Inner Channel program

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