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What is intuitive mentoring?

What is intuitive mentoring?

‘What is intuitive mentoring?’ I’ve had this question (and a few others) numerous times so I thought I’d write a quick blog today and answer the top five questions about intuition and intuitive mentoring.

  1. What is intuitive mentoring?

Intuitive mentoring is a process designed to help you develop your self-awareness and connect more effectively into your intuition. It is about giving you the tools and techniques that will help you tune into the hints the Universe is sending you. This in turn helps you to trust yourself more and make better decisions in all facets of your life

  1. What is intuition?

Intuition is your inner knowing. You might also know it as your ‘gut feeling’, ‘instinct’ or (in Kath and Kim language) ‘feeling it in my waters’. It is essentially a feeling you get that you cannot explain through any rational thought process. For example, it’s the moment you interview a potential employee and think, ‘There’s something not right here’ although on paper and in every other way they seem perfectly fine. But a few months later, they leave with some of your best clients and you think, ‘Mmm, I should’ve listened to my gut feeling on that one.’

Or it’s when you have the opportunity to develop a new product with someone and the returns seem guaranteed, but something’s telling you it’s off so you decline. Then you find out two months later that the potential business partner has gone bankrupt due to some less than ideal business dealings. That was your intuition warning you to take care.

It can also apply in your personal life with that new man who seems perfect for you in every way but inside there’s this nagging feeling that something’s not quite right. Then you find money is starting to go missing from your purse and a friend shows you that your new partner is still on Tinder. Your intuition was warning you something was off.

  1. Does everyone have intuition?

Yes, we all have intuition but not all us of use it and some of us have developed it more strongly than others. It is something you are born with.

  1. How can I develop my intuition?

Developing your intuition requires you to grow you self-awareness and quiet your mind. This will enable you to tune into your intuition more easily. Your intuition often speaks with a quiet voice and this means you must be able to trust it (i.e. trust yourself) and ensure your brain is quiet enough so you can hear what your intuition is trying to tell you.

  1. How can my intuition help me?

People use their intuition in many ways to help with their business and personal lives. For example, in business it’s particularly useful in helping you to identify growth opportunities and new ways to approach old problems. In your personal life, it can help you to live more in alignment with what you really want to do and who you wish to be rather than being overly influenced by the agendas and beliefs of other people.

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I love myself
The poor man said
With nothing but rags on his feet.

How can you do that
The other said
When you have no shoes on your feet.

I am living my purpose
The poor man said
I am happy to go with the flow
I know that wherever I go, he said
I will learn what I need to know.

The poor man moved on
And travelled his road
Of redemption and there was no end.
He knew kindness, of course
And love and joy and abundance again.

The other sought continually outside himself
For answers and love and gifts
He did not realise he held all the cards within
He did not understand the choice to begin.

He could not maintain the abundance he sought
He didn’t know how to start.
He could not see his love or purpose
Instead he tore them apart.
He could not hear them above the din
Of the doubts and shame that plagued his thoughts
He did not believe he was deserving you see
Of all the things he longingly sought.

Until one day the poor man passed again
And reached out his hand with love
I am here, he said
I have the time
To help you on the way
Won’t you take my hand right now, he said
I can show you a better way.

And finally the other realised he could
Without a reason to be found
Trust the hand held out to him
And all his abundance could abound.

He took the hand and rose to his feet
His body all battered and worn
He trusted the poor man no longer in rags
And yes, he was reborn.

What if I told you it was all going to work out?

how‘What if I told you it was all going to work out. Would you believe me?’

I asked a friend this question today and he said, ‘Um yes, I guess I would. But what about…?’

And that’s where the problem lies doesn’t it. Someone in the know can tell you that something is going to work out and you’ll still want to know, how? How can it work out? How will I get there?

Often we’ll feel in our gut that’s it’s going to be okay. Lord knows my intuition has given me some very clear indications that things are going to work out just fine. My guides have shown me the things I most desire will come to pass. I’ve even had psychic friends say, ‘Lucy, yes, it’s going to work out. You don’t need to worry about that, just keep moving forward.’

But even with all those signs and confirmations from within myself and from others, do I trust that it’s going to work out?

Um no. Because I want to know the how. As a result, I don’t give myself a lot of peace. In fact, I get very little peace at all.

I think most of us have been brought up to ask the ‘how’. We want to know what the process will be to reach our destination. It’s part of the Western way. The idea of trusting that we’re taken care of and we should just focus on the now is foreign to many of us. And that’s because we’ve been taught to rely so much on our reasoning and our minds, not our intuition or inner guidance.

Does this help us to find inner peace? I’d have to say from my experience, definitely not. My need to know the ‘how’ often plays a wonderful role in tying me up in knots. It obstructs my progress and blocks me into a corner where I kick my heels in frustration because a large part of me wants a plan. I want to know ‘how’.

Yet, when I just trust that it’s going to be okay, things work and feel very differently. For example, when I simply ask myself in any given moment, ‘What is the next thing I need to do to draw X, Y or Z towards me?’ The answer always comes (if I quiet my mind long enough to hear it). I don’t have to force anything.

And once I stop trying to control the outcome or timing of something, my inner peace returns too. Once I let go of the ‘how’ I feel more balanced and I know that I’m moving in the right direction.

Learning to let go of the ‘how’ is one of my greatest lessons and I’m still learning it. But when I stop trying to see how I’ll reach my destination, the Universe steps up to help me get there. The timing may not be what I’d like and the path may twist and turn more than I ‘think’ is necessary or helpful, but it will always take me where I need to go.