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Do you have visions and premonitions?

Do you have visions and premonitions?

I had a vision during savasana at the end of my yoga session yesterday. At some point, my mind drifted away from my teacher’s words and I found myself somewhere else entirely.

I heard the screech of plane tires hitting the tarmac and saw a plane taxiing along a runway. I saw inside the plane and heard the pilot say, “Welcome to Fiumicino Airport, it’s a beautiful sunny day outside. Then I saw myself, getting ready to deplane with a look on my smiling face that said, “Here we go.” This was followed by a moving image of me walking through the airport with a single, large suitcase.

I shared this vision with my teacher afterwards and found myself crying. Just by holding the space to allow me to drop into the moment so deeply, she had given me a beautiful gift – a vision of what is yet to come.

It’s the second time I’ve had a vision at the end of a yoga class. A few years ago, an image of a ticket was shown to me with a specific date on it. I hadn’t asked for any insights regarding tickets. I was just enjoying a yoga class. In my mind, I was already planning to head to Italy mid-year. But the date on the ticket was a few months later. I convinced myself that it wasn’t a plane ticket. Maybe it was for some other trip? Perhaps I would stay longer in the country than I’d planned and it was the date for a train trip. After all, there was no way it would be that long until I got on a plane and got out of town.

The Universe had other plans.

My intended departure date kept being pushed back. Work and other commitments kept putting blocks in the way, again and again. Months passed and my frustration grew. Finally, when I could see a way out, I asked a friend who specialises in travel to find the best value ticket for my departure. I specified the time I wanted to land and the week but not the date.

Guess what date she came with?

I remember shaking my head and rolling my eyes. The Universe can be terribly annoying and irksome when she is right.

Fast forward to early last year and this time the date came to me in a different way. I was planning to travel to Italy again but I couldn’t feel into the best time to go. I just knew I was going and waited for more information to present itself.

A while later, I had a night disrupted by spirits and my guides discussing things in my house. Doors were opened and shut, and I caught random words and phrases as I traveled in and out of consciousness. They seemed to be organising things (who knows what) but all I felt was irritated. I repeatedly asked them to take their discussions elsewhere because I wanted to sleep without interruption. They paid me no mind and kept at it.

As I woke in the morning, a date was clearly in my mind. It didn’t mean anything to me though and there was no accompanying image of a ticket or any other information. Perhaps I needed to know the date for some other reason?

I Googled, researched and asked friends if the date had any significance. But I came up with nothing. Eventually I accepted what probably should have been obvious from the start – I booked my plane ticket for that day and the people I subsequently met and the experiences I had on that trip have set me up for my eventual relocation to Italy (post-Covid-19 crazy).

I don’t have a departure date for my next trip but after my vision yesterday, I know the Universe will let me know when the time is right. I have trust in that. It’s hard not knowing but, the Universe tells us what we need to know, when we need to know it. That’s how it works.

This is how I function in the world – I have one foot here and one in the ether. It’s a balancing act that has sometimes been difficult to maintain.

Early in my psychic awakening process, I was so ungrounded and my connection so strong, that sometimes it felt like I was being pulled out of my body. That’s what happens when you have a powerful gift that’s unmanaged and it’s one of the reasons I do my mentoring work now. I understand how it feels to be ungrounded and strongly connected, and I know there are ways to manage things better. So I teach others what I’ve learned along the way.

Receiving insights and premonitions during yoga classes and during the night are just two  ways the Universe sends me information. It’s all part of the weird, freaky world of being a psychic channel.

Welcome to my slightly crazy and definitely unusual metaphysical party!

If you’d like to learn ways to harness your intuitive gifts and live your purpose, please book in for a free chat. I can tune in and help you map out a way forward that is right for you. Or check out my courses and sessions on my website.

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“You’ll never have peace if you don’t make peace with where you are right now.”

“You’ll never have peace if you don’t make peace with where you are right now.”

“You’ll never have peace if you don’t make peace with where you are right now.”

One of my guides said this during my meditation this morning and I must confess, I found his wisdom both annoying and of course, irritatingly true.

I’d been mentally stamping my feet because my planned relocation to Italy feels like nothing more than a pipe dream (it was planned for late June 2020). Let’s face it, with Covid-19 we have no idea when we will be able to travel safely overseas again, so I feel like I’m in a holding pattern.

I have plenty to do, books to write, friends to talk to, people to help and so on. And I’m grateful to be here in Australia where our government is taking a cautious and protective approach for the health of our citizens. But still, my frustration cup sometimes boils over because I am not where I want to be – hence my guide’s wise words this morning.

It’s healthy to acknowledge and feel my very real feelings in the moment. Heck, sometimes I will let them take over for a lot longer than that! But, sooner or later, I need to let those feelings go so I can achieve some peace and focus in the now.

It doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my dream. I’m still thinking about it and making plans. But I also know that I’m in this place right now for a reason (even if I don’t like it or know what the Universe’s reason is).  Time will also go a lot faster if I focus on the present instead of wishing my life away into the future (or lamenting the past).

Basically, I have to make the best of it otherwise I will drive myself crazy and I can give myself the gift of peace – I just have to choose it.

Don’t you hate it when your guides are right!

The Yoga Marauders in Class Today

The Yoga Marauders in Class Today

Today I thought about Barack Obama while I did yoga. I also thought about other less admirable politicians (Donald Trump, Scott Morrison and so on). I realise it’s not what I should have been doing during class. I should have been 100 percent present, focusing on my breath. In and out. In with love, out with hate. In with joy, out with fear. In with…well, you get the picture.

But I wasn’t. And then I thought about why I wasn’t. And on it went. You can tell my brain wasn’t ready to let go this morning.

With so much going on these days, it can be really challenging to switch off and just be present. At this point, I know many of you will start thinking about that lovely trendy word ‘mindfulness’. But, before you do that, I want you to step back and take another look at what I’m really talking about.

I’m talking about being present. A quivering moment in time when you are simply here. It’s not about your mind at all. My mind was in charge for some of my yoga session this morning. And watching my thoughts, mindfully, was not going to help.

The answer does not require thinking, but being. Being here.

You may argue and say, we need to control our minds. But what I’m suggesting, actually no, that sounds way too uncommitted. What I’m saying is that all this focus on our minds is not serving us. What if it is simply about focusing on now?

This morning what eventually brought me back, was my breath. In and out. It wasn’t thinking more about the thoughts that were scurrying through my head about the lamentable state of political leadership here and in the United States.

A friend said recently that, what you focus on, you get more of. She’s a pretty wise chick so, by her measure, the more you think about what you’re thinking about, the more thoughts you will have.

So please, please, stop thinking about your mind and how you can control it and make it submit to your will. Honestly, it’s always going to be there, hanging out in your skull and attempting to twist you into knots when it’s feel like partying.

Focus instead on presence, on your breath. Focus on being here, right now. Don’t focus on the marauding thoughts raping and pillaging your mental faculties. Don’t pay them any mind at all (sorry, bad pun but I couldn’t resist).

I know I’m making it all sound deceptively easy and I know it’s really not simple to do. My yoga class this morning is an example of my own brief ‘epic fail’ in this department.

But trust me, eventually, when you use a focus point like breath, all those marauding thoughts eventually gallop off back to where they came from. They really do.

So, forget for a moment or two about your mind and about controlling it. Focus instead on being here, nothing else, and let all the rest go.

Lucretia is an author, psychic channel and transformational teacher who helps women harness their intuition so they can live their Soul’s Mission. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram

Medicating to muzzle the messenger: The scourge of the modern woman

Medicating to muzzle the messenger: The scourge of the modern woman

Today’s blog might be a bit controversial. I’m about to venture forth into a space I’ve only skirted around up until now. But I can’t stay silent about it any longer. I. Just. Can’t.

Because it’s getting worse and I’m seeing it a lot. Friends and acquaintances succumbing. Dropping like flies as we say in Australia. Their connection to self so broken that they will avoid their inner voice so they can just keep doing what they’re doing. So they can just keep going to keep everyone else happy; so they can maintain the status quo.

I’m not about the status quo. So I’m going to say it. And I’m sorry if it offends but it’s not my intention. Instead I just want to shine a light on something that’s getting worse. Here goes…

It’s Valium. It’s sleeping tablets. It’s the anti-depressants doled out like candy at the corner store. Women medicated to block out the sound of their soul whimpering to be heard.

I’m sorry if I’m being obtuse. Let me be more specific. Sometimes women are medicating themselves because it’s easier than standing in their power and owning their inner voice that is yelling for more. More than ‘this’ – whatever ‘this’ is for you.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-medication. I spent about a decade on anti-depressants in my 20s and early 30s. I saw psychiatrists and counselors at the same time. I was frequently a miserable, anxiety-ridden, tear-sodden mess. I had no idea who I was and I was sensitive to everyone else’s energy around me too. No one had ever shown me how to connect to my inner voice, the one that kept jumping up and down and causing all that anxiety because it wanted me to know there was ‘more’. No one ever told me that maybe I should ask if the feelings I felt were mine or were being picked up from the person next to me.

No one ever showed me how to trust my own judgement and then let the cards fall where they may.

So I was medicated. I chose it. Just like you’re medicated now. Yes, you; the beautifully gifted woman who is reading this blog post. I was you! I thought it was the best way, the only way to function, to be normal. And it did help, for a while. Kind of. But it wasn’t a long-term fix. It never could be. Not for me.

So what am I going on about then? Am I saying mental illness isn’t real? No, I’m definitely not saying that.

Am I saying that people shouldn’t take medication when they need it? No, I’m not saying that either. Sometimes medication is part of the solution that will keep you sane.

But when you have anxiety and you don’t sleep, I’m suggesting that maybe, just maybe, we’re culturally trained to be in too much of a hurry to muffle those emotions that are rising up and causing our disquiet.

When a woman tells me she wakes in the middle of the night for no reason because she feels like she’s forgotten something important and then, when it happens repeatedly for months, she medicates to block it out, I really feel there’s something wrong.

When another woman tells me her anxiety is out of control and her first response is to get medication to shut it up, but she’s not looked underneath to see what’s caused it, and she just wants to keep going because she ‘has to’, I really feel there’s something wrong.

When another one tells me her psychologist advises her not to meditate (which is simply the act of being present with yourself), I really feel there’s something wrong.

If we cannot ‘be’ with ourselves then there is a reason. And the reason in so many of the examples I hear is because women are not allowing themselves to ‘be’ with themselves. That disquiet we’re feeling, the anxiety that overtakes our minds and paralyses us is caused by our bodies trying to tell us something. It’s a response with a message and that message comes from deep within. It’s our soul telling us, ‘Hey, there’s something you need to look at here.’ Yet too often our response, our culturally-conditioned response is, ‘I can’t stop and listen to that voice. I can’t peer under those layers because I don’t have time. I have to keep going. I have to keep doing, doing, doing. I have to look after everyone else.’

So we medicate.

It breaks my heart. It makes me angry. It makes me feel despairing. When our first recourse is to medicate rather than heed our inner voice, I believe that is a tragedy. Because your inner voice is worth listening to. It’s yours. It’s trying to tell you something. But when you medicate unnecessarily you muzzle the messenger.

And that messenger is you.

What to pack for your voyage of discovery

journeySometimes when I meditate I see an old wooden ship, the kind with flapping white sails used to travel the seven seas hundreds of years ago. For me the ship is a symbol of my life, sometimes it disappears for a while on a voyage of discovery, but it always returns full of things that are meant to be mine, things I love, things I need to know and so on. I guess in some ways it is quite magical because it brings me many gifts and insights.

Whenever I see it disappear over the horizon I am little sad because when it is in port I know where I am and the ground beneath my feet feels solid. When it’s on a voyage of discovery I am unsure of myself because it is a time of growth. When you grow you can never be sure where you’ll end up or what will happen next.

Over the years, during these times of growth, I have worked out the types of things I need to take with me. I am after all, frequently on that ship taking a journey of discovery.

A few people I love and care about are starting their own journey of discovery at the moment so I thought I’d share my insights about what they might like to pack for the journey and some other things they may need to know.

Firstly, you must take your faith in you. Yes, I meant to type that. You must have faith in yourself and know that although your journey may be challenging, uncomfortable and yes, painful, you are strong enough to make it through. You should also remember there are people who have faith that you can do it; people like me. I have faith in you.

Secondly, you must ask for help when you need it. Sometimes, it will feel like you’re in a big ocean and there’s no one there to call on when you don’t know what to do or how to keep going. In those moments, ask the Universe to send you help and know that it will arrive. It may be a person, an idea or maybe just a life-jacket thrown your way, but it will come if you ask for it.

Thirdly, know that you are loved. Sometimes you are going to feel so alone on your journey and feel like no one cares. But never forget that even if you can’t take the ones you love on the ship with you, they will still be there. Their love for you will still be with you. It doesn’t go away just because you’re gone for a while or you go in a different direction. And even after the people you love pass away, they are still with you too. Love continues; that’s just what real love does.

Fourthly, know that you have the right to take your journey. So often we set sail feeling guilty because other people want us to stay as we’ve always been and do what we’ve always done. And honestly, you will probably find it hard to shed those old ways and habits. They will be like an anchor dragging on the bottom of the seabed; you will feel safe but stuck. Your progress will be intermittent and inconsistent.

Sooner or later you will have to choose to wind that anchor in, hoist your sails and leap through the waves ahead. But until then you will struggle, make some choices that aren’t great, and be kind of miserable a lot of the time. Humans are great at getting in their own way like that. But eventually, you will realise that you are worthy and you have a right to grow, explore and become the person you were born to be. And in that moment your journey will really begin because you will realise what is possible. You will realise that you are the captain of your own ship and can go wherever you choose, be whoever you want to be.

You will have freedom from all that was and the understanding that you can be all you wish to be.

I wish you wonderful things for your journey and a safe return to port when you are ready.