Picture this. One Sunday, you sit down in your kitchen with a friend who, like you, is a psychic channel. Shortly afterwards, over a cup of tea, you agree that you’d both like to do some trance channeling of your spirit guides.

It’s something you’ve both done before but it’s been a while, at least a year or two. Longer for your friend. However, it seems like an opportune moment.

Then you hit the record button on your phone, take a final sip of water, shut your eyes and tune in. For a few moments your mind says things like, “Maybe I can’t do this anymore. Do I need to get my channeling crystal from the office to help me do this? Perhaps I’ve forgotten this stuff. Who am I kidding? Could I ever really do this?”

Then, from somewhere else comes a quiet voice that simply says, “You can do this. Just breathe and allow it to happen. There’s no rush. Just be here and allow it to be.”

So you breathe and relax further. You trust that you still know the way to connect. Then you feel the familiar, telltale constriction in your throat, like there is a huge lump that won’t go away. You remember this feeling because it has happened every time you have trance channeled your guides. When you first began doing it, your body was so resistant that you would gag and the partner you were working with (because you always do this with a partner) would often lean back in alarm as they expected to be vomited over imminently.

You know it is happening.

You can sense your Gatekeeper Guide organising the others off to your left. He is doing crowd control as they all jostle to be the first to come through. He’s good like that; he keeps them in line, most of the time.

You feel the energies of a few of them pass through you. Which one will be first? And then you know. It is the one who wears the pretty dresses and dances barefooted through the streams and grassy hillsides. What will she say?

She begins to speak through you. She has guidance for you and your friend. Your friend asks questions and recognises your guide from the other times when you’ve channeled together. This is because your voice changes when you channel your guides as they each have their own, very unique personality. Many who have watched you channel before also talk of your face changing as you do so. It changes to reflect the guide you are channeling.

You hear what your guide is saying but it’s as if you are off to the side, observing it happen. You are still present, still in the room, but you have stepped aside for a while to allow your guide to bring through the information you seek. It is such a curious process.

Some people might ask, “Is it like an out-of-body experience?” Your answer would be, “No, not quite.”

But it is strange and to someone who is unused to it, you’re sure it would seem rather freaky indeed. But it is real. It is not imagined. And you are not crazy. Remember, if something happens repeatedly, it really is happening.

Another two guides come through in quick succession, each with their own unique style of delivery and focus. Then it is done and you find yourself re-emerging consciously into the present and you open eyes.

You make eye contact with your friend and suddenly you are both laughing. Your guides have such big personalities and they certainly made their presence felt. You both marvel at this skill you have to connect to energetic beings in this way.

Then you eat some food, drink some water and go for a wander around the house to ground yourself back onto the earthly plane before your friend takes her turn at connecting into the energetic realm.

Some people may read this anecdote and dismiss it as the fanciful ramblings of a deluded woman. Others may feel fear because it is a world they know little about. Meanwhile, there will be readers who feel their curiosity aroused and they will feel drawn to know more.

All of these responses are valid and I respect them all because they arise from the experiences of the individual, the cultural and faith-based contexts they’ve been raised within, the perspectives they’ve developed over time and the teachings they have absorbed from others. We are a product of our experiences and our exposures to the world around us.

My purpose in sharing my experience – because this anecdote is from my reality – is to share information about what it’s like to be psychic from my perspective. There are so many of us out there who reside at various points along the intuitive spectrum and I think it is time to shed light on these gifts so we can build understanding and acceptance within ourselves and, in turn, with others.

Above all, my goal is show that you can be a psychic channel, intuitive, work with energy to heal others, see auras or even be an empath. You can be any or all of these things, or have other energetic gifts I haven’t even touched on here. But having these gifts doesn’t mean you are some weird hippie chick. You can be psychic and live in the mainstream world. After all, I do it every day and I invite you to join me.

Lucretia Ackfield is an author, blogger and psychic channel who helps women understand and manage their psychic gifts so they can live their purpose and create positive change.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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