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At just 11 years of age, a young girl called Tavi Gevinson sat down at her computer and started blogging about her passion for fashion.

Over the ensuing years she would attend fashion shows across the world. Some sought her opinion while others thought of her as an upstart.

After all, what could a young girl like that know about fashion?

And still she kept writing.

A couple of years ago she decided to broaden her focus to the complete teenage girl experience.

She brought together other teenagers and together they now produce an online magazine solely for their generation.

Tavi is only 17 years old.

Tavi started writing to express herself and to try and understand what she was seeing around her.

Now she helps other teenage girls to understand and share their experiences.

I watched Tavi give the keynote speech at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival recently. She shared her reflections on how she lives her life, what inspires her and her views on how we all live in this world.

It was inspirational.

At 17 I was nothing like this young woman. But oh how wonderful it would have been if I’d had her confidence- to simply be myself and follow my dreams. It’s amazing to watch.

Tavi is, in so many ways, an illustration of how many of her generation are approaching the world; without any expectations of what is not possible. Rather they simply explore what is possible and then push down the walls and keep going.

When I see people like Tavi speak I am inspired to imagine a world where anything is possible. A world where everyone can explore their dreams and share them with the rest of the world. A world where just by sharing our thoughts, we can make a difference.

I think we’re going to hear a lot more from Tavi in the future and I can’t wait to see how she expands her universe next.

Now I’m off to expand mine.

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