possibleWhat if I told you it was possible? I’m talking about that dream you hold close to your heart.

Would you believe me or would that voice in your head drown out my words?

You know the voice. It’s the one saying, ‘You can’t. You’re not being realistic. Who do you think you are anyway? Don’t get above yourself. What will people think?’

It’s the voice that keeps you small. It keeps you scared. And it can stop you moving just one centimetre towards what you truly want – that job, that opportunity, that dream of what your life could look like. It also stops you believing there are people out there who could help you on your path – people who inspire you, lift you up and support you for who you are.

But what if it’s possible? What if the voice in your head is wrong. Dead wrong.

What if, by the very act of believing you can do it, things can change? By taking a chance and following your heart’s desire, the Universe will shift things in your favour and help you along.

It is possible. Sometimes the course may not look like you expect. It may not follow the plan in your head. But you will be moving. And as you keep going your dream will get closer.

There may be delays and diversions – that is life. But as long as you believe it is possible, it will be.

It may be hard to keep that fearful voice quiet during your journey. And the moment you give it air, things will start to stall. It really does have that power you know. You can slow down or even kill the creation of that amazing thing in your head with fear.

So believe it’s possible. Keep going and go for it.

You are enough. You deserve it. And I believe in you.




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