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If you’re lost for words, I can help you find the right ones.

With more than 20 years professional writing experience in the not-for-profit, government, education and business sectors, I can create compelling copy to help you share your story and connect with your audience. My extensive background in communications and engagement, online strategy, and media and event management will also help ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals.


Brilliant Blogging to Spread Your Words

Are you ready to dip your toe into the wonderful world of blogging? Do you have stories to tell and insights to share but you don’t know where to begin? A Brilliant Blogging Workshop could be just what the Word Doctor ordered. This personalised one-hour workshop will cover the blogging basics including brainstorming topics, how to develop a good headline and lead sentence, structure basics and much more. Each workshop is tailored to meet your needs and you’ll learn techniques you can apply immediately to help you communicate more effectively with your audiences.  


Compelling Copywriting to Create Success

The right words can communicate your passion, services and products to your target markets. As a professional writer with more than 20 years experience in government, not-for-profit and membership organisations, tertiary education and small and medium enterprise, I can create compelling copywriting to share your story with your audience. Using strong messaging, targeted content and the words that reflect your values and mission, I will create effective copy for your digital platforms and printed publications. My passion for succinct, informative and easy-to-understand language will help take your website to the next level.


Interesting Interviews to Capture Inspirational Information

Readers, listeners and viewers are increasingly interested in hearing real-life stories and we want to share those stories across many platforms. Interviews are a powerful way to share stories and support perspectives. As an experienced communicator, I have facilitated numerous interviews, focus groups and community workshops, and lectured/tutored QUT undergraduates in communications.


During your tailored Interview Skills Session (or group workshop) I will teach you how to prepare for and conduct interviews for your research, books, freelance work, blogs, podcasts, videos and other platforms. You will learn the practical skills you need for effective interviews and learn how to:
  • get clear on the purpose for the interviews
  • identify the right people to talk to
  • develop questions to obtain the information you need
  • manage consent and confidentiality
  • request an interview and what to provide
  • identify the most appropriate way to record an interview
  • running the interview on the day and strategies to keep the interviewee on track
  • interviewee follow-up and relationship building to facilitate promotion.

Duration: 90 minutes
Delivery: One-on-one sessions are delivered via Zoom. Workshops must be delivered in person.
Email Lucretia@lucretiaswords.com to schedule your session and take your interviews to the next level.


A Resume Revamp to Revitalise Your Career

Today’s job market is highly competitive and it can be difficult to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Your resume needs to communicate your strengths, passions, skills and expertise. Working together, we will create a CV that showcases your unique offerings and helps you connect with the people who matter to you. A Resume Revamp will help you uncover your story and share it with the world. Find out more>

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