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how‘What if I told you it was all going to work out. Would you believe me?’

I asked a friend this question today and he said, ‘Um yes, I guess I would. But what about…?’

And that’s where the problem lies doesn’t it. Someone in the know can tell you that something is going to work out and you’ll still want to know, how? How can it work out? How will I get there?

Often we’ll feel in our gut that’s it’s going to be okay. Lord knows my intuition has given me some very clear indications that things are going to work out just fine. My guides have shown me the things I most desire will come to pass. I’ve even had psychic friends say, ‘Lucy, yes, it’s going to work out. You don’t need to worry about that, just keep moving forward.’

But even with all those signs and confirmations from within myself and from others, do I trust that it’s going to work out?

Um no. Because I want to know the how. As a result, I don’t give myself a lot of peace. In fact, I get very little peace at all.

I think most of us have been brought up to ask the ‘how’. We want to know what the process will be to reach our destination. It’s part of the Western way. The idea of trusting that we’re taken care of and we should just focus on the now is foreign to many of us. And that’s because we’ve been taught to rely so much on our reasoning and our minds, not our intuition or inner guidance.

Does this help us to find inner peace? I’d have to say from my experience, definitely not. My need to know the ‘how’ often plays a wonderful role in tying me up in knots. It obstructs my progress and blocks me into a corner where I kick my heels in frustration because a large part of me wants a plan. I want to know ‘how’.

Yet, when I just trust that it’s going to be okay, things work and feel very differently. For example, when I simply ask myself in any given moment, ‘What is the next thing I need to do to draw X, Y or Z towards me?’ The answer always comes (if I quiet my mind long enough to hear it). I don’t have to force anything.

And once I stop trying to control the outcome or timing of something, my inner peace returns too. Once I let go of the ‘how’ I feel more balanced and I know that I’m moving in the right direction.

Learning to let go of the ‘how’ is one of my greatest lessons and I’m still learning it. But when I stop trying to see how I’ll reach my destination, the Universe steps up to help me get there. The timing may not be what I’d like and the path may twist and turn more than I ‘think’ is necessary or helpful, but it will always take me where I need to go.

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