There were people stealthily dragging bodies around in the roof cavity of my house last week. The noises started late one night, not long after I’d turned out the light.

I lay frozen for a moment in the dark before mustering my courage to turn on my bedside lamp and determinedly got out bed to investigate. No bumps in the night were going to keep me cowering under the covers.

I stood in the hallway and briefly wondered if the source was physical or metaphysical. As a psychic channel, I sometimes host unusual visitors at my place and they’re not always in a physical form. I’ve had the spirit guide of a boyfriend drop by (while we stood in my kitchen talking one afternoon), an auntie who had passed over drop in during a reading for her niece, and a spirit who smelled like roses who turned up unannounced a few years back. I even had the spirit of a young man in his late teens who insisted on jamming my front door shut for days until I finally made the time to connect with him.

But, on this occasion, I knew the noise in my roof was physical. And then came that dragging sound again. Yikes!!

I stood listening for a while longer and eventually the noises stopped. Had they escaped through an unseen roof exit? Or could they somehow sense me there, underneath, waiting, wondering what the heck to do?

I went back to bed and the next day, I turned to Google for answers. The noises weren’t the product of lifeless bodies after all. It was rats. Rats in my roof, enjoying themselves by dragging my electricity cords here, there and anywhere else they found amusing. Rats.

I bought some Ratsak but couldn’t bring myself to throw it up through the manhole. It seemed mean somehow. Then my Dad suggested camphor. He’d used it to get rid of the ship rats that had taken up residence at my parents’ house. “They hate it!” he said. Camphor.

I could remember the overpowering smell of camphor throughout my parents’ house around that time. Was it the answer? Did I (and my home) need to smell like an elderly person who was fearful of a moth invasion?

But I needed to consider the wiring. It would be expensive to replace it. So I put aside my concerns and threw a few camphor balls up there and guess what? For the next few nights, there were no more noises, no more unsettling dragging sounds. Could it really be that quick and easy, I wondered.

Unfortunately, they came back last night and fearlessly had a roof party in my house around 10pm. I was the only resident not invited. Today I’ve been more heavy-handed with the camphor. Hopefully that will help my unwelcome rat visitors to cut their visit a little shorter than they had planned.

I’m also pleased to report that I can’t smell any camphor in my house. But I do have some niggling concerns that perhaps I’ve just become immune to the smell and it actually reeks.

If you drop by for a visit, you might want to bring a peg for your nose, just in case.

Lucretia is an author, psychic channel and transformational teacher who helps women harness their intuition so they can live their Soul’s Mission. You can find more of her work on Facebook and Instagram. #psychic #metaphysical #spirits #intuitive #spiritguides



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