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She called for the stars
He gave her the moon
He gave ‘til there was no more to give
But she didn’t see
She was looking at the stars
She hadn’t known how to forgive

She didn’t know
Had never worked out
That the moon and the stars combine
To light up the heavens that stretched above
And she’d had both all the time

The stars were hers
She put them there
She didn’t need the stars from him
But he held the moon
Which she also needed
And it was offered to her by him

An exchange though
Must be completed
There was a transaction that was involved
He would give the moon to her
While she’d give so many stars untold

He could hold them in his hands
Or scatter them all around
They were her precious gift to him
They could never be pulled down

Between them both they could light the sky
And transcend the heavens above
All that was needed was trust and love
To create the beauty above

So he stood there with the moon in his hands
And she had her sack of stars
Could they trust enough to make the exchange
And heal their previous scars

She was ready
And so was he
Their hands were stretching out
It was time to leave all doubt behind
And discover what true love is about

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