The Men I’ve Almost Dated

A voyeuristic, thoughtful and at times mortifying memoir about a woman who’s determined to follow her heart wherever it leads, even when the road is a dead end.

About the book

Meet Lucretia. A witty, acutely observant, stiletto-loving writer with an unwavering belief that Mr Right is just around the corner. She just needs to overcome some questionable decision making, lackluster sexual adventures and downright bizarre male behaviour along the way.
After falling out of love and ending her 10 year marriage, Lucretia finds herself navigating a strange new world as a thirty-something single woman without a road map. From an earth shattering moment in a car park with an intellectually stimulating stranger to being stalked in a gay bar and finding herself up a tree in a cemetery at 4.30am being attacked by angry birds, this soul-bearing memoir is equal parts heartbreaking, hilarious and astonishingly honest.
The Men I’ve Almost Dated is a voyeuristic, thoughtful and at times mortifying memoir about a woman who’s determined to follow her heart wherever it leads, even when the road is a dead end.
Described as Bridget Jones’s Diary meets Sex and the City with a dash of Eat, Pray, Love, Lucretia’s story will have you cringing, laughing aloud and shaking your head with disbelief from start to finish.

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About the author

Lucretia Ackfield is a writer, university tutor, public relations professional and intuitive mentor who loves nothing more than helping people uncover and share their stories with the world.
She still believes in love and explores her ‘single reality’ with a mixture of trepidation, enthusiasm and frustrated desire while also embracing her intuitive gifts and the unexpected insights they bring to her life. This interesting combination of professional, worldly and otherworldly experience makes for a fascinating, insightful, passionate and witty writer with a full-frontal sense of humour. The Men I’ve Almost Dated is Lucretia’s first book.

‘Lucretia you’ve got to write a book because you couldn’t make this shit up!’

Shelley, housemate and all round great chick after I’d recounted yet another ridiculous male-related story.

‘As I lay in bed that night, I felt like a huge weight had lifted from me; I knew I was normal.’

Dotti, a colleague who became a wonderful friend, after I shared some of my slightly wacky, recently-divorced experiences.

‘I had to walk away and then come back to it [reading your work]. I realised I, or my mates, had been every one of those men. It was bloody uncomfortable.’

Matt, a journalist friend who kindly agreed to review some of my early chapters and was a great motivator.

‘It left me feeling hopeful.’

Bree, a colleague and friend who generously did the first round of editing on my book.

‘Loved it! Funny and aggressive and shocking and loving!’

Hannah, my fabulous cover illustrator and designer.

‘It’s very well written but I don’t really want to read about all the men you’ve had sex with.’

My Mum.

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