Resistance is useless

ResistanceThere comes a time for many people when the Universe stops us in our tracks and forces us to question everything we have built and believed to be true. The moment may be triggered by a divorce, a death, a chance meeting or even the casual words of a stranger. Whatever occurs, it will often have meaning only to you. But its impact will be massive.

What follows is usually a spin that leaves you feeling as if your life is out of control. You will question everything and frequently resist the honesty of what you feel. You will fight it because if you are open, you will have to change your life. And you will have to change the lives of those around you

You may have to say, ‘No, I don’t want this anymore. I want something different.’ You will feel like you are selfish and should be thinking of others and, as you transform (because the Universe will not let you rest until you do) others will judge and not understand you.

You will reach for things you never believed you could have but truly desired. You will set boundaries where they have been badly needed but never placed before.

Your world will crack open and you will need to rebuild it from the ground up.

This process is painful and must be done by you alone because you must invariably cast off everything that was, in order to create what will be.

You will need to walk away from that person you have been.

I have been through this process three times now in the past decade or so. And each time it has involved leaving things and/or people behind. I have not done it lightly but my soul has demanded that it occur. I have resisted the process every time.

The first time it happened, it was a chance meeting that began the process. What followed was more than two years of resistance, pain, transformation and ultimately the ending of my marriage. It was then followed by a roller coaster of experiences that helped me become someone very different.

The second time involved my psychic awakening and I have to tell you, that was no picnic either. It was painful and a sometimes frightening experience. And yes, I often resisted it too.

I should have realised by then that resistance was useless.

The third time was very recently when I was faced with a personal problem I desperately wanted to solve and yet could see no solution. The Universe stopped me in my tracks and demanded that I go within myself to find the answer. It would not let me simply coast along.

This time, after a few days, I stopped my brain (and my ego) long enough to connect into my intuition to find the way forward. I stopped resisting and instead faced that I must ‘get real’ and go within to find the truth. But I was terrified that if I did go inside myself and uncover my true desiers, I may have to let go of something I desperately wanted to have in my life. But I knew I must be brave enough to go there. I would have no peace until I did. I stepped back from the noise in the rest of my life and went within.

What followed was a change that, while it might seem small to others, was huge for me. I discovered a part of myself I never really believed was there. I was transformed and all these doors in my mind and life that I’d believed were sealed shut, blew open. I gained clarity that two weeks earlier, I didn’t believe was possible.

My transformation this time was much quicker than before because I gave up the resistance early. But I didn’t do it alone. This time I sought guidance and healing from people I could trust. They had my best interests at heart. They were the ones who didn’t have an agenda about what my life should look like. They just wanted to help me find my own way. And so I did.

So why am I sharing all this? Is there a point to this blog?

I’m sharing this story because there are people in my life right now, people I love dearly, who are going through exactly this process of transformation. Some of them have unexpectedly begun the journey while others have been struggling with it for years. They know they must change their life, they know their soul demands it, and yet their ego – that part of us that holds on to safety and wants things to stay exactly as they are – is resisting. My dear friends, just like I did, are fighting themselves to the death. It is painful for them and difficult for me to watch but I know they must complete the transformation into the person they are meant to be.

Each of them is terrified that if they look to closely at what is within their own hearts, they will need to change. They worry about hurting and disappointing others. They worry that they have to throw everything out and start again.

They may have to do all those things. Some of them will ultimately walk away from relationships, begin new careers or simply spring clean their life from the inside out. They will all have to change what is to become what must be. They may keep things or relationships or desires from before or discard them. Those things that are kept will be closely aligned to the more authentic version of who is being created. It may sound clichéd but they will emerge like a newborn, or a butterfly fresh from its chrysalis, to a new life that is full of more than they could ever have imagined was possible. And in this new life, they will allow themselves to reach for what they truly want.

But to reach that moment they will need to question everything – their beliefs and expectations, and the life they have so far chosen to live. They will need to crack open the box inside them, labeled ‘the truth about [name]’ and face what is inside. They will need to let things go.

They must go within. And the longer they resist, the harder it will get because they will not be allowed to resist for long. The Universe will simply push and push until they face the truth and take action.

Resistance will be useless.

You have the power to change your life

Begin it now.Have you ever looked at someone and thought, ‘Wow! How did they get that life? Why can’t my life be that great?’

Well, I have a message for you. You can get the life you want. You just have to start.

Part of me feels like I’m about to launch into a sales pitch but I’m not, really. I’m just writing this to let you know (yes, you!!) that you can create the life you want. You just need to choose it, right now, this minute. It’s in your hands.

You don’t need someone else’s permission or approval. I know you might think you do. Maybe you’ve been doing what everyone else wants for so long that you’ve forgotten you have a choice. Maybe you think looking out for your best interests is selfish.

Guess what, it is selfish. But that’s required. You can’t live your life for other people and be happy. It just won’t work. Instead you’ll see glimpses of true happiness in the lives other people are living.

So start your life now. Just take one small step, for you. Begin creating the life you want, slowly but surely.

You really do have the power.

Is it your year to take flight?

Since late last year I have thought of 2014 as ‘flight year’. I can’t tell you why exactly, but I’ve just felt this is the year so many of us will ‘take-off’ in our lives.

If 2013 was a year to purge ourselves of the old, 2014 is the year to let go of the last vestiges of our old luggage and take to the skies. It is our year to fly.

In the last few days it’s become even more clear to me that the Flight Year is indeed happening for many people I know. Their lives are taking unexpected turns and whereas previously they might have known exactly where they were going, this time the future is in many ways the great unknown.

They have not been passive participants in creating these changes in their lives. Instead they have decided to take a chance and trust themselves. This in itself has brought magical changes and opportunities for them.

One dear friend has recently, finally, begun to value herself and her business rather that relying so much on the approval of others. She’s seen opportunities and instead of saying, ‘I can’t do that’ she decided to say ‘Yes, I’m going to give it a shot.’ The financial and career opportunities are now pouring in and taking her in new and exciting directions she never dreamed were possible.

Another friend is leaving the city to return home, save money and then head overseas for as yet unplanned adventures. She’s always wanted to work overseas but was never quite sure how to make it happen. Then a change in her workplace made her realise she could do it. Now was the time. She decided to move back home and suddenly lucrative work opportunities in her home town were knocking on her door. She asked for what she wanted and has definitely received the financial assistance she needs. Next year she will be on a plane to Europe and her adventure will really begin.

The key to my friends beginning their Flight Year was a clear decision to take a chance and be open to change and opportunity. Once they did this, the Universe did the rest. An equally conscious decision to believe in themselves and let go of behaviour that wasn’t serving them anymore, also helped.

I have other friends who are about to begin their Flight Year. They are teetering on the edge of their old life, peering into the distance and trying to see what’s up ahead. And that is what’s holding them back. They must each make a conscious decision to leave behind the old before they can fully step into the new. They must decide to finish that project, relationship, job or business and walk away without having a clear or exact vision of what lays ahead. They must choose to take a chance on themselves and step into the unknown.

Once this happens the Universe will step in to assist (as it always does) and their next real adventure will begin. They may find themselves arriving at unexpected destinations they would never have planned. But it is through that journey they will still, most definitely, end up precisely where they are supposed to be.

So if you find yourself hesitating, remember that to realise your potential you must first trust in yourself. And secondly, you must trust that the Universe is looking after you and will help you to see the way ahead. You must also be prepared to let go of those parts of your life that are no longer right for you. Only after all this, can you begin your Flight Year.