What to pack for your voyage of discovery

journeySometimes when I meditate I see an old wooden ship, the kind with flapping white sails used to travel the seven seas hundreds of years ago. For me the ship is a symbol of my life, sometimes it disappears for a while on a voyage of discovery, but it always returns full of things that are meant to be mine, things I love, things I need to know and so on. I guess in some ways it is quite magical because it brings me many gifts and insights.

Whenever I see it disappear over the horizon I am little sad because when it is in port I know where I am and the ground beneath my feet feels solid. When it’s on a voyage of discovery I am unsure of myself because it is a time of growth. When you grow you can never be sure where you’ll end up or what will happen next.

Over the years, during these times of growth, I have worked out the types of things I need to take with me. I am after all, frequently on that ship taking a journey of discovery.

A few people I love and care about are starting their own journey of discovery at the moment so I thought I’d share my insights about what they might like to pack for the journey and some other things they may need to know.

Firstly, you must take your faith in you. Yes, I meant to type that. You must have faith in yourself and know that although your journey may be challenging, uncomfortable and yes, painful, you are strong enough to make it through. You should also remember there are people who have faith that you can do it; people like me. I have faith in you.

Secondly, you must ask for help when you need it. Sometimes, it will feel like you’re in a big ocean and there’s no one there to call on when you don’t know what to do or how to keep going. In those moments, ask the Universe to send you help and know that it will arrive. It may be a person, an idea or maybe just a life-jacket thrown your way, but it will come if you ask for it.

Thirdly, know that you are loved. Sometimes you are going to feel so alone on your journey and feel like no one cares. But never forget that even if you can’t take the ones you love on the ship with you, they will still be there. Their love for you will still be with you. It doesn’t go away just because you’re gone for a while or you go in a different direction. And even after the people you love pass away, they are still with you too. Love continues; that’s just what real love does.

Fourthly, know that you have the right to take your journey. So often we set sail feeling guilty because other people want us to stay as we’ve always been and do what we’ve always done. And honestly, you will probably find it hard to shed those old ways and habits. They will be like an anchor dragging on the bottom of the seabed; you will feel safe but stuck. Your progress will be intermittent and inconsistent.

Sooner or later you will have to choose to wind that anchor in, hoist your sails and leap through the waves ahead. But until then you will struggle, make some choices that aren’t great, and be kind of miserable a lot of the time. Humans are great at getting in their own way like that. But eventually, you will realise that you are worthy and you have a right to grow, explore and become the person you were born to be. And in that moment your journey will really begin because you will realise what is possible. You will realise that you are the captain of your own ship and can go wherever you choose, be whoever you want to be.

You will have freedom from all that was and the understanding that you can be all you wish to be.

I wish you wonderful things for your journey and a safe return to port when you are ready.

Are you ready to create your life?

lifeSo here’s what I know to be true.

You can create the life you dream of. But you have to work for it. You have to put your money where your mouth is. And you have to believe you are worthy of your dream.

So start. Get up out of that chair and start.

Make that phone call. Start that blog. Register your business. Call the person you love and tell them you’re ready to take that chance. Enrol in that course. Start that exercise program.

Ignore those people who tell you that you’re crazy and deluded. You’ll need to trust yourself if you’re going to make it happen. So just take that first step and keep going.

Persist. Believe. Do.

Set your intention and give yourself small goals to reach along the way. Keep them small so they are attainable and eventually build up to something big.

Only you can do it. It’s your life and no one else is going to do it for you. So what are you waiting for?

I have faith in you.

Now it’s time for you to have faith in yourself

You have the power to change your life

Begin it now.Have you ever looked at someone and thought, ‘Wow! How did they get that life? Why can’t my life be that great?’

Well, I have a message for you. You can get the life you want. You just have to start.

Part of me feels like I’m about to launch into a sales pitch but I’m not, really. I’m just writing this to let you know (yes, you!!) that you can create the life you want. You just need to choose it, right now, this minute. It’s in your hands.

You don’t need someone else’s permission or approval. I know you might think you do. Maybe you’ve been doing what everyone else wants for so long that you’ve forgotten you have a choice. Maybe you think looking out for your best interests is selfish.

Guess what, it is selfish. But that’s required. You can’t live your life for other people and be happy. It just won’t work. Instead you’ll see glimpses of true happiness in the lives other people are living.

So start your life now. Just take one small step, for you. Begin creating the life you want, slowly but surely.

You really do have the power.