Often when we are going through challenging times our ‘mean girl voice’ inside really kicks in. That nasty little voice makes us feel even worse when we are just trying to hold it together and make it through. It’s the voice that tells you that you’re not good enough, that you should be better at managing your life, that you are a ‘loser’ because you don’t have it together like everyone else.

The truth is, no one EVER really has it all together all the time. Scratch the surface and most of us have struggles to move through and challenges to overcome. To believe otherwise is a complete delusion which is fed by the carefully crafted images of our lives that we share on social media and show to the world.

What you really need when you’re struggling, is kindness. Try treating yourself like your own best friend. When you hear the mean girl beginning to rant, stop, recognise what’s happening and be kind, be compassionate and above all be understanding of your own vulnerability and frailty. It’s not about letting yourself ‘off the hook’. It’s about giving yourself support when you need it so you can rise up and move forward once you’ve regrouped.

In short, the next time you hear the mean girl’s voice, tell her to F**K OFF and create a new, more positive type of self-talk.


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