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The Love Sessions

Learning to love yourself and others is a universal challenge. No matter how old or young you are, the problem is the same.

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We ask ourselves…

How can I recognise what is real versus fake?


How do I seek and receive love without sacrificing myself and my desires?


How do I find real love for myself and find it within intimate partnership?

The Love Sessions

The Love Sessions focus on self-love and working with the wounds within that stop women finding the love they deserve. Let me help you uncover what is healthy and real versus toxic and fake. Two different sessions are available. 

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Falling in love with the self

(for single women) 

A session for single women who struggle with self-love and claiming what they deserve. Let’s work through your blockages and clear out those old beliefs. It’s time to love who you truly are and discover what you are capable of.

Let me use my intuitive gifts and experiences of love to help you embrace the beautiful human you are. 

Falling in love with another

(for women who are already in a couple) 

This session is all about navigating love within relationships and the blockages women may find in their search for equality. Let me help you recognise what is real, fake or learned when it comes to love and true intimate partnership.

Let me use my intuitive gifts and experience of love to help you embrace intimate partnership the way it was always meant to be.  

Who is Lucretia? 

Lucretia Ackfield is a modern explorer of love and a passionate advocate for establishing equality through love for the self and others. Lucretia helps women all over the world to fall in love with themselves so they can find the deep and powerful love they deserve. Work with Lucretia today and let her unchain your heart so you can find your freedom and fire again. 

Book a Love Session

Session length: 60 minutes

Investment: $195AU

All sessions are conducted via Zoom.

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