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love not fear
Tonight I watched the news and cried
My face grew wet with tears
I could not look away from the screen
It brought up all my fears

How can humans create such pain
How can they inflict this horror
On whose authority do they believe they act
To take life and cause such sorrow

The response of some was
‘Shut the gates’
‘Stop the strangers coming in’
They bought straight into the fear and hate
The men with guns let in

But it is others like you and me
Who will stop this hate, I know
Because we know it is love not fear
That will stop these bloody blows

These men with fear
That riddles their souls
They cannot, will not win
While love is possible
And not hate
Please don’t let the fear back in

Love not fear, love not fear
Love is the only way
No judgement
And freedom of thought
They are the only way.

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