Are you ready to transform your life?

Dream Creators Collective

It’s time to make your dreams real.
No more BS.

No more reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t.

If you’re ready to get serious, develop epic self-trust and harness your intuition so you can get out there and create change in the world, then this is for you.

Group sessions and tailored mentoring processes available.

What people say…

Warning: This process will transform your life in a profound way. You’ll be pinching yourself daily to wake up, only it’s not a dream – it’s your new life! Are you battling issues of self-worth? Lacking confidence? Lost the inner conflict to Miss Motivation or in search of direction? Can you feel an inherit desire to create change but don’t know how to express it? This was me but after working with Lucretia, I’m a new woman – more revitalised, motivated and focused than ever before. She worked alongside me to uncover my energetic blocks, teach me how to make my intuition my best friend, unlock my soul’s purpose and much more.

Lucretia was honest, supportive, kind and bloody hilarious along the journey and she truly cared about my transformation. Even in a time of doubt after I’d quit my job Lucretia was quickly on the phone to give me a pep talk. Lucretia felt more like an old friend along this journey which allowed me to open up further and achieve the incredible pathway to freedom I’m now living. If you want to live a life in harmony with yourself and pursue your passions, contact Lucretia asap. Trust me, it is the best decision you’ll ever make!


About You

You are an intuitive, an empath or an energetically-sensitive person and you want to make the world a better place and live your purpose. BUT YOU’RE STUCK.

Sometimes you:

  • struggle anxiety and self-doubt
  • feel overwhelmed by the energy of other people and places
  • feel unclear about your purpose
  • don’t trust yourself to make good decisions
  • look confident on the outside but you’re freaking out on the inside.

But despite all this, you always feel like you want to do so much more. But you’re spinning your wheels as PROCRASTINATION and PERFECTIONISM block your progress.

You want to do more but nothing ever seems like it is enough.

It’s time to make your dreams reality!

If you are sick of feeling like you’re not enough…if you’re tired of the BS…if you’re done with that annoying voice in your head that keeps making excuses and says you can’t or you shouldn’t, then the Dream Creators Collective is for you.

If you’re ready to get serious, develop epic self-trust and harness your intuition so you can get out there and create change in the world, then keep reading.

The Dream Creators Collective is about being practical, managing and using your intuitive skills, exploring your passions, living your purpose and connection with yourself and others.

The Dream Creators Collective is not about perfectionism, people-pleasing, disconnection, anxiety, conformity or waiting for someone else to mange your energetic sensitivity for you.

What people say…

“Lucretia’s personalised approach gives me the opportunity to be guided deeper into my connection to self. It has been confronting but equally relieving. Lucretia has helped me to truly forgive myself, respect myself and challenge the thoughts on fear and self doubt in order to move forward in direction of my life’s purpose.”.

The Dream Creators Collective

During this transformational process you will:

  • understand and claim the power of your intuitive gifts
  • connect strongly to your intuitive strengths and learn how they can help improve every part of your life
  • learn simple techniques to help manage your sensitivity to the people, places and objects around you
  • tune into your inner voice so it can guide you forward with ease
  • learn how to kick your anxiety, indecision and self-doubt to the kerb
  • clear out the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck, stuck, stuck in a life that doesn’t make you happy
  • get control over those annoying twins procrastination and perfectionism so they can stop running your life
  • learn how to move past your comfort zone and expand into your purpose instead
  • learn how to block out the negative inner and outer voices that are keeping you small, and feeling frustrated and isolated
  • begin taking practical steps to move forward with your Soul’s Purpose.

It’s time to live the life you love NOT the life you will settle for.

Next Dream Creators Collective Intake Opens Soon!

The transformational process

  • 6 x 60 minute live group calls over six weeks with psychic channel and mentor Lucretia
  • All calls conducted via Zoom with times to suit European and Australian hours
  • Weekly homework to keep you on track
  • Practical skills and strategies you can apply immediately in your life
  • Recorded meditations
  • Opportunities to be connect and be inspired by others in the group


  • BONUS: 1 x 30 minute preparation call, one-on-one call with Lucretia
  • BONUS: 1 x 30 minute post-process call, one-on-one call with Lucretia


Group sessions and tailored mentoring processes available.


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