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‘Rona is bringing all the shadows into the light, isn’t it? Conspiracies, aggression, denial and misdirection seems to be increasing. Facebook seems far worse than Instagram for some reason – it is a place I’ve seen the vicious shredding of people by individuals who were once heart-driven and kind people but now appear to be no better than rabid dogs frothing at the mouth and baying for blood.

For me it comes down to this: do you believe the world is a fundamentally good place or a bad one? Do you believe that most people get out of bed in whatever country they live, work and practise their faith (whatever it is) and go about their day trying to live a good life, or not?

I believe the former in both cases. There aren’t whole swathes of people out to get us. There are a small handful that will challenge us to stay in alignment with the light and love that resides in all our hearts. The rest is down to us as individuals.

There are leaders right now showing us what heart-led leadership looks like – Cuomo in New York and Ardern in New Zealand and are just two. One is faced with trying to keep everyone as safe as possible as the virus kills horrific numbers of his citizens, the other is trying to prevent this happening. They are calm, fact-driven and empathetic. They are faced with a serious problem, take advice from the experts and lead from the front. They aren’t interested in division and work from a mindset that we are all in this together. Their primary concern is that people live. Surely this is a fundamental principle for humanity?

Other leaders don’t seem to be doing so well. They actively sow division and use slight of hand and redirection as much as possible. Their messages are confusing, ill-informed or simply inept, then they blame others. Their focus seems to be more on dollars rather than the people who need to live first so they can make the money second.

Meanwhile, the shadows dance to the surface as our minds grapple with the truth that we cannot control all that we thought we could. We never could. This is too terrifying to deal with so people look for some faceless, evil individual or group to blame. There isn’t one.

Where this virus came from no longer matters. It has its own agenda and the best way to defeat it is to come together. Denying its existence or severity is like denying the sun still rises every day.

When your fear rises, look at it, find the root of it and pull it out. It’s not about anyone else. This is about how you show up and choose the light when the shadows dance to the surface.

The world is not out to get you.

We are all in this together.

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