Are you thinking about a career change? Do you feel stuck in your job but you’re not really sure how to move forward? Does your resume disguise your expertise instead of highlighting your amazing outcomes and highly-transferable skills?

The Career Clarity Program will help you get crystal clear about your next move, claim your strengths and ensure your resume reflects your passions, expertise and experience. It’s time to communicate effectively with the recruiters and your ideal employers.

Working together we can get you on-track and moving in the right direction for your career. Most importantly, this process will be in alignment with your strengths, your values and the difference you want to make in the world.

You will get clear on your career goals and begin to identify all the amazing opportunities you may be missing right now. We’ll also revamp your resume so it powerfully outlines what you have to offer and work out a clear plan to move you forward.


Lucretia has recently overhauled my tired, boring old resume and really made it sing. During the process she ensured she got to know me by asking lots of questions and prompted me to also consider pursuing different roles which better utilise my core skills and strengths. Left to my own devices I probably wouldn’t have given this serious thought, as I was so caught up and busy with the type of work I’d been doing for some time.  As a result I now have a clearly articulated resume and LinkedIn profile which fill me with confidence and are focused on exactly the right things to help me take my next steps forward. Lucretia was great to work with, reliably delivering high quality work at each stage of the process and sharing some laughs along the way.  I would highly recommend Lucretia if you’re looking for a resume revamp – I’m extremely happy with mine!


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The Career Clarity Program will help you refocus your attention on your natural strengths and the work environments that will empower you to make a significant and positive contribution. It will also enable you to connect to the roles that will bring you professional satisfaction.

Step 1 – Crystal Clarity

It’s time to get clear on your career direction and refocus on what is important to you. During this session, we will deep dive into your experience, expertise and passions. We will uncover what motivates you, what inspires you and the work that will light you up! You will gain clarity about your career goals and begin to identify all the amazing opportunities you may be missing right now. You will use the insights gained through this session to begin revising your resume to highlight your unique abilities and professional achievements.
Duration: 60 minutes


Step 2 – Resume Revamp

Today’s job market is highly competitive and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Working together, we will create a resume that showcases your unique offerings and helps you connect to your ideal employers and recruiters.

We will assess your current draft and with a series of focused questions, I’ll help you identify and describe the amazing skills and expertise you already possess. I will then edit and refine your resume to create a polished and professional final document. By the end of your Resume Revamp process you will have a revitalised resume that outlines who you are, what you can offer and reflects your authentic values and personal flair.
Duration: 60 minutes


Step 3 – Laser Direction

Your resume is now relevant and targeted to the industry you want to work in. Now it’s time to connect with the employers and recruiters you want to impress. Together we will work on strategies to help you increase your network, uncover your ideal job opportunities and move forward to achieve your career goals.
Duration: 60 minutes


Engaging Lucretia to update my CV and Linkedin profile was the best thing I did for my career this year. I’d decided I was ready for a change and despite my own executive and recruitment experience was having difficulty branding myself at the appropriate level, as well as fitting another task into my busy schedule. After a couple of phone calls discussing my roles and experience, Lucretia managed to accurately profile my skills and experience as if it were in my own words. Once I started applying for roles, a number of recruiters gave unsolicited compliments on my cv, and within nine weeks I found myself in the enviable position of choosing between offers of three executive roles. I highly recommend Lucretia’s work to anyone needing a career change or profile upgrade. Thanks again!


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