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What did you do as a child that was just for you? Did you like to hide away in your room and lose yourself for hours in a book (like me)? Or did you draw whatever came into your head on the nearest piece of paper you could find? Maybe you liked to run or cook or build things.

Now I’ve got you thinking about what you did all those years ago, my next question is this – when did you last do that thing?

When did you last read or draw or run or cook or build something?

So often we forget those simple things that made us happy as children. Instead we get on with the business of being a grown up, earning money, being a parent, being responsible and getting things done. And in the meantime, that little child inside you gets smaller and smaller.

That child inside is the purest essence of you. It is you, just being you. When that child is happy your soul sings because it is happy too. It is carefree and filled up.

So if you feel like you are being dragged down by life or if you feel heavy or listless or just over it all, go and do that thing you loved as a child. Fill yourself up with that joy that is just for you.

You are entitled to that thing.

Make your soul sing again and you will be amazed at how much more manageable things will be.

And remember, you’re not doing it to achieve a goal or impress anyone else. You’re doing it just for you, because it’s fun and because your soul needs filling.

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