I published my first book, The Men I’ve Almost Dated, two years ago and many people are surprised when I tell them it wasn’t about intuition, energy or life purpose. It was about relationships and more specifically, my relationships with men. It shared my story of realising who I was, leaving my 15-year relationship and then navigating dating, sex and men (with hilarious and mortifying results).

People say it makes them feel a myriad of emotions as they laugh, cringe, want to cry, feel a bit more accepting of themselves (and their experiences), and feel hopeful too.

It took a lot of personal courage to birth that book into the world because it included a lot of personal details about my life. I knew some people might judge me because of my decisions and no one likes to feel judged. I guess that might be why I used this as my author pic. You’ll notice I’m not looking at the camera – I was still shy, still hiding a little and afraid of putting myself out there completely. Still unsure if I had the personal strength and groundedness to stand in my power and know I would be okay, regardless of what anyone else said or thought about my work.

Today my pics feature me looking straight down the barrel of the camera. I no longer let my fear of what others might think control me or my actions. I know what I’m here to do and listen to my intuitive guidance to help me move towards living my Soul’s Mission. Along the way I meet incredible like-minded women who are traveling the journey with me. Some become clients, others trusted mentors who go above and beyond because they have traversed the same road and want to help me to be successful and, in turn, help the women I’m called to serve. I am grateful to every single one of them.

Nights for Spiritual Beginners is my signature program to help women live their Soul’s Mission, kick their indecision to the kerb, harness their intuitive power and begin moving forward with purpose and clarity.

There are only five spots still available for my January program. So if you’re ready to stop sitting on the sidelines of your own life, please get in touch.

Let’s map out a plan to help you move forward today!

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