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I had coffee with a university colleague Bindi* the other day and she asked me how my business was going.

I squirmed in my seat and hesitated for a moment before answering. We hadn’t caught up for a few months and I knew it was time to tell her I was psychic and that part of my business revolved around that.

But I was a little bit afraid.

You see, now that my professional life and my psychic life are colliding I sometimes get a little afraid of judgement. In my weaker moments I worry that my colleagues, who’ve always seen me as very professional, might think I’ve turned into a flake.

I’m not a flake of course. I am who I am.

I don’t go around ramming my psychic gifts down people’s throats. But sometimes I need to tell people about it and that means being vulnerable – not always a comfortable feeling.

I wasn’t sure what Bindi’s response would be. But I stumbled over my explanation and waited a little anxiously for her response.

Of course, as so often happens when we try to read other people’s minds and worry about what they’ll think, Bindi was totally fine about.

She was intrigued and supportive and totally lovely.


So, what did I learn from that experience?

I learned once again that being vulnerable and open with people about who I really am, doesn’t always result in harsh judgement from others.

I shouldn’t assume that people will think I’m weird just because I tell them I’m different.

I am different. We all are. And that’s what makes us all so very special.

And our greatest ‘specialness’ of all is the human ability to be vulnerable; not to seek the approval of others, but just to be authentic, be true to ourselves and be who we really are…individuals.

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