It’s the 1st March and I’m wondering what happened to summer. In the past day or so the weather has turned cooler at night. Our cotton blankets suddenly pulled up to our chins at 3am when we feel the autumnal chill.

Every year at this time I feel like I blinked and missed summer. I’ve worked through the last few hot seasons, not pausing for breath. An occasional day off but mostly work while others take well-earned breaks and chill by the pool. For me it’s the joys of the entrepreneurial life that drive me on during these periods. Although joy may not always be apt description.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Yes, this is where I would kindly advise another writer to change ‘hard’ to ‘challenging’ as the latter implies that it can be surmounted. The former suggests only difficulty. But sometimes being an entrepreneur is difficult and that is the truth. You need to live, you need to work, you need clients, you need to do your marketing, and on and on it goes.

It is easier to simply work for an organisation but there are costs with that choice too – you become cog in a larger wheel that will continue to turn long after you leave. You will be replaced by another cog. That is not a bad thing. These days it’s rare for anyone to stay in one job for decades. But nevertheless, you will ultimately be replaced as the organisation, an ever-growing organism, continues to expand and you move on.

Periodically, I return to being a cog. In my business it can be feast or famine and sometimes you need the consistency of a J.O.B. to get you through the fallow times.

Being an entrepreneur means you don’t want to be just another cog, instead you want to create something new, something that is yours. Not everyone will understand why you continue to drive yourself when it would be easier to simply slip back into the mainstream, full-time and give your dreams away.

But dreams are precious and when brought into reality, they transform the world and make it so much better than it was before.

If the entrepreneurial spirit flickers in your chest, find ways to stoke the fire, no matter how difficult it gets.

When you feel like it’s hopeless, go back to the source of your creative inspiration and begin again – that is where the ideas and the energy will flourish and be reborn if only you pay attention.

Trust yourself and fall forward into your perceived failures. Keep learning and talking to people about your passions. Rest for a while and take that J.O.B. if you need to and know that you’re allowed to pause and take a breath before you forge ahead again. Be kind to yourself.

Above all, when people tell you it can’t be done or when they treat you as if you are a deluded dreamer, remember this:

Deluded dreamers can change the world when they refuse to believe the realists.  

Lucretia Ackfield is an author, psychic channel, and communications and engagement specialist who helps women to develop epic self-trust and harness their intuition so they can create change and serve humanity.

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