AdventurersIt is life’s true adventurers I seek
The ones who have thrown themselves into the deep end, almost drowned, then learned how to swim
The ones who have lived through their dark night of the soul before rising to a new dawn
The ones who have gone within, uncovered their passion then shared it with the world
The ones who have a desire for healing and kindness that takes them to destinations where others fear to go
The ones who look repression and judgement in the eye and refuse to bow down before it with grace
The ones who take on men with guns and will not rest until they create a better world
The ones who believe there is always more to do, more to grow, more to give, more to create, more to love.

They are the ones I seek
They are the ones who will change the world
They are the ones who will create peace
They are the true adventurers for they take the overgrown paths
And pave them for others to follow.