It’s time to take your intuitive superpowers out for a test-drive.

Are you fed up with living a life that doesn’t serve you? Do you feel a bit lost and anxious? Are you tired of being at the mercy of everyone else’s feelings and expectations?

It’s time to turn that around! The answers lie within you. You just need someone with the right keys to unlock the vault.

No more waiting to be rescued. No more waiting for approval. No more waiting for your life to begin.

Rock Your Inner Channel is a personalised, three-month intensive, one-on-one program for women who want to clear out their energetic blocks, learn how to connect to their intuition and step into their Divine Calling.

“OH, where to begin? Lucretia could rename her site to call it, “Lucretia Knows” because she does. So here I was, my psychic abilities ready and willing to blossom like a gorgeous flower with my psychic abilities buuuuut resisting the heck out of it. And then Lucretia steps into my life. In one gorgeous conversation, I went from hiding to flat-out owning my gifts. BOOM!

To put it in perspective, this feels like a conversation I’ve been waiting for my entire adult life. To be held with such love and kindness and respect, while we work out what’s happening with me and what it means. What a gift! What a beautiful, precious gift! If you’re considering working with Lucretia as you have your own psychic coming of age, for the love of all things good (literally in this case), don’t hesitate. She is warm, kind, brave, hilarious, and such a joy to work with. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Eva Rawposa

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Wake up every morning connected to your Divine Calling as you move out of confusion and begin owning your strengths
  • Enjoy a deep sense of peace because you know how to connect into your truth and follow your own Sacred Path
  • Clear out all the fear, drama and energetic blocks that have been holding you back
  • Love the fact that you are living a life that is in alignment with your passions and your purpose
  • Rise up and claim what you know in your heart is right for you with ease and grace
  • Be incredibly empowered as you reclaim your place in the world
  • Be totally inspired by the life you’re creating for you!

Rock Your Inner Channel will open the doors to your inner knowing and help you discover the wisdom that already lies within you. As  you begin to Own Your Intuitive Power, you will discover that you can create your own story and live a life that is truly yours. You will begin to release the shackles and beliefs that have been projected onto you by others, and begin to understand the freedom and possibilities that await you — if you choose them.

“Oh my goodness, I’m a woman on fire! I have just reconnected with a deeper part of my calling and the reasons why I was sabotaging this. Lucretia, I am so deeply grateful for your profound channeling gift and psychic connection to help me uncover this. Working with you was one of the best decisions I have ever made for both my personal and professional needs. I feel so much lighter and so frickin’ inspired about my life!!!!”

Lisa Callinan

This tailored program will help you harness your intuition so you can begin creating the life you desire.


The changes you experience through this program will be life-changing.


You will learn:

  • how energy works, and how to manage your energy and remove the energetic obstacles that have been preventing you from owning your intuitive power
  • easy but effective techniques to tune into your intuition so you can hear its messages
  • how to select and use crystals to assist you throughout life.

The program also includes a Divine Life Purpose session where we will uncover your Soul’s Purpose on the planet.



Email and book in for your free, 20 minute personal session. During this session we will talk about the life you want to create and I will tune into your energetic frequency to identify the blocks that are preventing you from reaching your potential. Let’s find out if we’re the right energetic fit to work together.

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