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I love myself
The poor man said
With nothing but rags on his feet.

How can you do that
The other said
When you have no shoes on your feet.

I am living my purpose
The poor man said
I am happy to go with the flow
I know that wherever I go, he said
I will learn what I need to know.

The poor man moved on
And travelled his road
Of redemption and there was no end.
He knew kindness, of course
And love and joy and abundance again.

The other sought continually outside himself
For answers and love and gifts
He did not realise he held all the cards within
He did not understand the choice to begin.

He could not maintain the abundance he sought
He didn’t know how to start.
He could not see his love or purpose
Instead he tore them apart.
He could not hear them above the din
Of the doubts and shame that plagued his thoughts
He did not believe he was deserving you see
Of all the things he longingly sought.

Until one day the poor man passed again
And reached out his hand with love
I am here, he said
I have the time
To help you on the way
Won’t you take my hand right now, he said
I can show you a better way.

And finally the other realised he could
Without a reason to be found
Trust the hand held out to him
And all his abundance could abound.

He took the hand and rose to his feet
His body all battered and worn
He trusted the poor man no longer in rags
And yes, he was reborn.

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