Personal Branding

Are you ready to be your authentic self?

Are you swayed or undermined by other people’s agendas?

Do you want to live an authentic life that’s aligned to your core values?

Is it time to get clear on your personal brand?


A strong personal brand will help you lead a more authentic life guided by
your own inner vision, purpose and priorities.

Personal Branding Package


Session 1: Uncover Your Life Vision

Working together, we will uncover your life vision and the three pillars of strength that will help you create the life you want to live. These valuable and very personal insights will help you stay in alignment with who you are and your purpose.

Session 2: Next Steps

You’re about to start the next exciting phase of your career or business. We’ll identify the next steps in your career path and develop a targeted approach to help you get there.

Session 3: Resume Revamp

Your resume needs to clearly communicate your strengths, your passions, skills and expertise. We’ll look at your current documents and revise the language and presentation to reflect your personal brand. The Resume Revamp Session involves three steps.


Step 1: Discovery

Most people hide their unique abilities on their resume. We will assess your current document and, with a series of focused questions, I will help you identify and describe the amazing skills and expertise you already possess. (45 minutes approx.)

Step 2: Rewrite

Working with the information we’ve uncovered in Step 1, I will rewrite your resume to highlight who you truly are and what you can offer to your next employer.

Step 3: Refinement

This step will involve refining your resume to ensure it is true reflection of your personal brand. (45 minutes approx.)


You will receive a BONUS LinkedIn profile with
every Personal Branding Package.


The Sessions

Each Personal Branding Package includes three sessions over six weeks. Each session will last 60-90 minutes and can be conducted in person, over the phone or via Skype. You will walk away with:

  1. Your life vision and three pillars of strength to help you stay on track.
  2. Clarity and a plan for the next steps in your career in alignment with your personal brand.
  3. A revitalised resume that outlines who you are, what you can offer and reflects your authentic values with personal flair.

Let's start building your personal brand today.

Email or call me on 0431 094 852 and begin your journey towards a more authentic life that aligns with your values, dreams and the goals that are important to you.