Hello and Welcome to Lucretia’s Words

I’m Lucretia Ackfield (also known as Lucy). I’m a writer, university tutor, intuitive mentor and public relations/marketing practitioner. It’s an interesting combination. The services I offer on this website are designed to help people live, share and uncover their story.

I love working with people who are passionate and want to share their passion with the world. You know the people I mean; the ones who want to make the world better, approach things differently, create a different life, help others and so on. They are the clients I love the most. I believe everyone has the capacity to be that client because we all have unique gifts and a special purpose for our time on this planet. I love working with people who want to uncover their purpose and live the life they were born to live.


I’ve been a professional writer for more than 16 years in the not-for-profit, government, small business, tertiary education and membership sectors. My career has included roles in public relations, marketing, media and event management, and I’ve drafted website and other online content (LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook), speeches, annual reports, media releases and much more. I currently offer a range of copywriting and marketing services through Lucretia’s Words and share my public relations expertise with students at the Queensland University of Technology where I work as a sessional academic.

Lucy and Life Blog

Lucy and Life began as a chronicle of my slightly dysfunctional single life as a 30-something woman. I’ve spent a lot of time stumbling around in the dark when it comes to romantic relationships. Sometimes I think get it right. Other times I get it horribly and embarrassingly wrong. Occasionally I just give up and flee the building. I’ve shared some of my uncomfortable dating/men-related stories in this blog. I’ll be publishing a book in early 2016 called The Men I’ve Almost Dated which chronicles these experiences. You could call it the ‘what not to do when you’re single’ story. These days the blog has broadened to include stories from all parts of my life. It’s about love, life, relationships and everything else. It includes my perspectives on intuition, writing, self-development and much more. I’ve also welcomed some guest bloggers who have generously shared their diverse stories about being women in the modern age. My writing helps me process my life. I also know my stories and those of my friends help other people feel more normal and less alone. The Lucy and Life blog is about my life, your life and the crazy experiences that challenge us and help us grow. It’s helped me find my voice and I hope, in a small way, it inspires you to find yours too.

My Intuitive Gifts

I’m a psychic channel. That means I see, feel and sometimes even smell what many people might describe as weird freaky things. These ‘things’ can include people who’ve passed over and the energies of other people, animals, the earth and the Universe. Sometimes I just know stuff about people because the Universe has chosen to deliver that information to me. I’m not a mind reader. But if you’re upset I might know about it before you tell me. That’s just how I roll. If you’re thinking I’m some middle-aged, vegan, Thai-dye wearing, sandal-clad hippie you’d be wrong. Middle-aged is fifty as far as I’m concerned. So I’m not there yet. I also couldn’t give up red meat if I tried. Yes, I did proudly own a pink Thai-dye shirt in the eighties but I wouldn’t be seen dead in one now. I’ve also spent most of my adult life dressed in suits working in the corporate world. And flat shoes aren’t my thing; I’m a stiletto kind of girl.

Intuitive Mentoring

I use my intuition every day and in every part of my life. I also help others uncover and begin to use their intuition through my Intuitive Mentoring programs. Everyone has intuition and it can help you live a more balanced and fulfilling life. I always feel so humbled to help people in this way and to be part of their journey towards greater self-awareness and connection to their inner knowing. This journey helps us to live a more authentic and joyful life that is alignment with our personal brand and who we truly are. I look forward to working with you and reading your thoughts on my blog or Facebook page. Until then, always remember, you were born to live a unique and extraordinary life.

Lucretia x

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Would you like more information about my services? Drop me a line at lucretia@lucretiaswords.com or call 0431 094 852. I’d love to hear from you.