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Lucretia's Words

Helping you live, share and uncover your story.

Rock Your Inner Channel

A three-program to help you connect to and manage your intuitive gifts.

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The Men I've Almost Dated

A voyeuristic and hilarious memoir about following your heart.

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Lucretia’s Words provides services to help you live, share and uncover your story. Whether you want to launch your business or dream enterprise with some compelling copywriting, establish your personal brand, revamp your resume or begin your own journey of self awareness with some intuitive mentoring, this site has the services you need to begin living your purpose and creating the life you desire.

Rock Your Inner Channel

It’s time to uncover your intuitive gifts.

Personal Branding

Develop your personal brand so you can lead a more authentic life guided by your own inner vision and purpose.

Lucy and Life Blog

My thoughts on love, life and everything else.

Writing Services

Do you need compelling content that will reflect your authentic voice and connect with your audience?